My Wild Soul calls me to open myself to humility.


Become a Mother Teresa or take vows? Be humble? Tug my forelock when appropriate and defer to my superiors?


We women have been silenced for eons. And there’s no way I’m going back to being lesser than I am, quieter than I am and less up front and sometimes in yer face than I am.

My blood boils at the very thought I have to deny my hard-fought-for character in favour of being meek and mild and humbled.


Haven’t I spent years in finding and expressing my voice? Do I not travel with the divine feminine to reclaim her in me and my power as woman? Do I not encourage other women to listen to their Wild Soul and step up to being the magnificent women you really are?

It’s taken a life-time for me to own my own magnificence. Am I meant to throw it all away?

Hang on a minute…

Isn’t it my Wild Soul that’s calling me towards humility?

I stop ranting and still myself.

Then there has be more to it than the meanings I find in dictionary after dictionary.

As if some key had opened a lock, you’ll never guess what I found next…

“Pride is about my glory; humility is about God’s glory.’ Ephesians

However shit hot I am in the work, the divine holds and guides me in it always.

There are times when the words that leave my mouth surprise me as do the ‘downloads’ which encapsulate information about my client I couldn’t possibly know… Information which enhances and speeds up the work.

‘Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.’ Ezra Taft Benson

That humility is concerned with what is right fits beautifully with integrity and right-action. This is not a mind thing. It’s a soul thing.

All a far cry from what humility means in present day culture. I love that my personality balked at all of that superficiality. Because the deeper meaning of humility doesn’t ask that I change a thing about my character or the flavours of me.

All it asks is that I up my game and expand my awareness of being filled with humility. What a blessing…

And ‘humility’ is true for you too!

The divine holds and guides you always. When you enable yourself to listen to your Wild Soul you will know that to be true. And, at a deep level, you also always know what’s right, what’s aligned with your own beautiful integrity…

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS I’m running my online ‘A Letter from Your Wild Soul’ workshop again shortly. As one woman said, ‘Amazeballs!’ There’s places for only eight women, so do keep an eye out!

Photo by Fernando Venzano on Unsplash