I’ve started to write this post three times so I’m going to stop and ask my Wild Soul what needs to be written today.


I get the one word… Collaboration.

But we live in a system built on competition.

Our schools instil it in us from the getgo. You’re either a winner, say in the top three in your class, or you’re a loser. You either wear up to date fashion or you’re a dinosaur. You either have the best air-brushed body and face proportions or you’re a nothing.


I read ages ago that females are naturally competitive… (Like the guys aren’t!) You, like other animals, compete with your peers to attract the alpha male. The male who genetically can pass on his strong and healthy genes which give your offspring the best chance of survival.

It’s not that simple. Conditioning plays a part as to whether you pair up with some-one who has traits of your mother and/or your father or primary caregivers… or not!

Anyhow, the biggest competition you buy into is comparing yourself with others. When it’s disadvantageous it’s of the her-bum-is-smaller-than-my-bum or they-live-in-a-bigger-house-than-me variety.

You know how to do this.

Take a minute to compare yourself like this and notice how you feel. Yeah… real shitty, dissatisfied and even beating yourself up.

Now compare yourself beneficially with someone else. That’s of the I’m-brighter-than-she-is or my-car’s-better-than-her-car variety.

You know how to do this too.

Take a minute to compare yourself and notice how you feel this time. A bit smug, a bit superior?

So you’re either pulling yourself down or bigging yourself up…

Is that not crazy?

Is that not crazy when each of us has our unique talents and abilities? And when each of us has our own particular part to play for the greater good?

Buying into comparing yourself with others for the worse or better is buying into systemic competition. And buying into the patriarchy which is not about men but about beneficially favouring one gender, i.e. male, over other genders including female.

Yes… I’m standing on my soapbox!

Yes… I’m calling competition out!


Because your Wild Soul encourages you toward collaboration. By virtue of that it also encourages you to appreciate the uniqueness of each person and the gifts they bring to world. Different from you and yours but equally valuable never-the-less.

We’ve seen shedloads of collaboration during the lockdown among everyday people like you and me. Humans creating community. Humans helping the disadvantaged and elderly. Humans appreciating each other.

AND, I put my hands up to my bias, when you get a group of magnificent women who collaborate they are powerful and effective to the nth degree!

Bring collaboration into your life, woman. Vow to see others through the sacred healing energy of collaboration and you’ll never feel shitty or superior again!

What you will feel is more love and compassion for yourself as well as others and far more peaceful inside…

Warm wild and loving wishes to you…

PS Be collaborative and send this to one or two women you know who would benefit from being in our community and encourage them to subscribe here…  

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash