You know how it is when you want to have a rant? It’s like the kettle’s coming to the boil and in a minute, in fact less than a minute, the steam’s gonna pour out the spout while the guts of the kettle gurgley gurgle away.

And I’m ranting… Full to the brim with passion that’s spilling over.

And my rant?

It’s about freakin’ injustice!

Yes, I could quote you figures about injustice in the UK… don’t even get me started about the world… that would make your toes curl. For example, there’s four million kids living in poverty in the UK for feck’s sake. Four million!

As I write that, a voice in my head says, ‘So who told you it’s a fair world?’

No-one! I had that idea all by myself…

Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology, said that if each of us lived in line with our integrity, there’d be no need for laws.

For our original design is to come here as the most humane being ready to be loving, altruistic and collaborative. It was my original design where I got the idea this was a fair world which, of course, it could be.

But then you and I got screwed up!

Adam and Eve’s fault? Or the serpent’s? Who knows?

It’s just a story; a metaphor for how you fall from your state of grace. And fall you do through how you get trained by the tribe into which you were born and the wider society in which you live.

Injustices of all kind are trained into us right there and then!

Well, the steam’s expelled, the water’s off the boil and this woman is feeling calm again.

Knowing as I do that all you have to do is to start working back to that original design of yours. OK, I know I’m making it sound easy and it’s not because you have to want to live life peaceably and to feel good most if not all of the time.

Yeah yeah! I’m being a bit tongue in cheek. BUT that is all you really need to do and getting there, with good intention and a fair wind, is easier than you think.

Make a start. Say to yourself in your head, ‘I want to feel good. I want to feel good, I want to feel good. I want to feel good. I want to feel good.’

I rest my case!

Love and warm wild wishes…

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Photo by Tingey InjuryLaw Firm on Unsplash