Have you ever considered that your Wild Soul could be frustrated?

Of course not! You’ve been taught your soul is something floating about in the ether.

But it’s not…

Your Wild Soul exists at a formless level for sure although it takes form in connecting with you. AND it’s a living entity that came into this world with you for you.

If you’ve lost connection with it then you’re not living any of your original design which it holds… And your Wild Soul is in purgatory.

There’s a word!

You’re ‘living dead’ when you’re not connected to your purpose and passion and ‘living dead’ comes in many guises.

Like you keep very busy so as not to feel the pain of your disconnection. Or you numb out and feel depressed. Or you go around seeking what you feel’s missing though you don’t know what that is. Or you focus on materialism hoping the next car, piece of jewellery, piece of furniture, the next holiday etc. will make you feel ‘full’ or ‘fulfilled.’ Or the next relationship; that A N Other will plug the gap… not!

And when you’re not connected, your soul experiences a deadness of its own. That heaviness, emptiness, numbness, one-step-removed-ness that you feel from time to time.

I know you don’t want to be like this. You just don’t know how to get out of this particular pit.

I do!

And I guarantee… YES! I GUARANTEE… if you attend my signature online workshop, YOU WILL RECONNECT with the Wild Soul with which you were born.

Your Wild Soul carries who you were meant to be rather than who you were trained to be and serves you as your 100% fail proof inner guidance system.

Feel truly alive. Feel confident and loved, safe and secure. Make decisions and life choices easily, simply and effortlessly knowing they’re absolutely aligned with your best interests and for your greater good.

Freakin’ Nora… Who in their right mind would say no to that?

When you are lost, you always but always have everything to gain.

Exclusively for only 10 women, book by 8 am Thursday 30th July and you get a SPECIAL BONUS… a 30 minute Power Session with me.

YES! Book within 24 hours of this email being sent and you have me all to yourself for 30 super-charged minutes.

YES, I know I’m crazy!

Crazy for you to stop telling yourself the lies that keep you small and disconnected from your heritage, your birth right… your very own Wild Soul.

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At a deep level I know your Wild Soul’s calling you. It always does. And, at that same deep level, you will know you’re deserving.

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Love and Wild Warm Wishes…

PS If anything at all has stirred in you, please don’t deny it. All it takes is just 135 minutes to reclaim a part of your birth right that can change your life to one of greater warmth, security and fulfillment.

AND you’ll be giving me the gift of fulfilling my own purpose too… thank you!

Photo by Flavio Amiel on Unsplash