You can blame the energies I work with for this one!

I asked for the focus of this week’s blog post and I got LOVE. Not just any LOVE but intimacy with self. Now that’s one whole field of work!

Don’t believe me?

Well, just listen to what goes on in your head and out of your mouth over the course of a typical day. I’m not a gambling woman but if I was I’d lay good money on you hearing at least one of these…

In response to something you did… ‘That was stupid’ or just ‘Stupid!’

When looking at yourself in a mirror, a comment of the ‘My bum’s too big’ variety.

Comparing yourself… ‘Ooo she/he does it/looks so much better than me!’

When something doesn’t go to plan… ‘I’m an idiot’ or ‘It’s my fault’ or something else from your internal undermining machine.

If you overheard someone saying those kinda things to their partner you wouldn’t be impressed. But, hey, it’s OK to say them to yourself…

No way are you going to feel love for or closeness with yourself with all that going on!

So here’s the thing…

You can work on eradicating the crap stuff that encourages you to attack yourself. In my experience, alchemic work to zap negative core beliefs out the water is dynamite.


Even more powerful, you can access the energy within that carries LOVE and only wants the greatest good for you.

Here’s what some women said when they connected with their Wild Soul…

‘I wanted to cry… I felt so safe and cared for.’

‘I haven’t felt like that since I was a small child.’

‘Can you bottle it?’

Well, you can’t bottle it. And why would you want to when it’s on tap 24/7?

Seriously, you can feel loved and secure every freakin’ second of your life.

I know that probably sounds incredulous right now. With the uncertainties of Covid-19, jobs and the economy, let alone Brexit… Remember Brexit?… feeling loved and secure 24/7 could sound impossible.

Yet those of you who have worked with me either one-to-one or attended an online workshop will know different.

If you’re a doubter, I’m not going to try to convince you!

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

PS My next ‘A Letter from Your Wild Soul’ is, on 2 September. Don’t be fooled in thinking you’ve got bags of time. With only 10 women attending this online workshop, places go fast… In fact one has already gone. For details click here.