I am SO excited!

I seem to be saying that a lot these days which is an absolute blessing. When I was a child most women my age would be living up to their ‘Old Age Pensioner’ label.

So I’m grateful to be living in the times of resplendent role models like The Dames Judi Dench, Joan Collins and Maggie Smith, Baroness Joan Bakewell, Mary Berry, Toni Morrison and Alice Munro to name but a few.

All creative and dynamic octogenarian women still doing their ‘thang.’ Still living their lives with purpose and passion.

Freakin’ gorgeous!

The reason I’m so excited is because I seem to have come into a second wind… more accurately perhaps a thirteenth wind… of my own purpose and passion. Moving all my work online to help women become more of the magnificent beings they really are rather than who they were trained to be. BTW that includes you!

I feel blessed in having discovered my purpose in my early thirties.

Ooo I wish I could parcel up how that feels and send it to you and every woman. It feels being totally joined up, aligned from the top of my Wild Soul to the soles of my feet, and absolutely clear about what I’m here to be and do.

No more feeling there’s something missing or ‘There HAS to be more to life than this!’ No more disappointment when what you think would help like a new relationship, home, hobby etc. just doesn’t cut it.

Come join me for my cost free mini-webinar 7.30pm 28th

‘How to Recognise Your Purpose when You See It!’


It’s exclusively for members of my Wild Courageous Women private Facebook Group and I’d love you to join us here.

It’s your birth right AND you deserve it!

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

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Photo by Chandan Chaurasia on Unsplash