I’m going to share something wonderful and crazy with you.

I’m feeling a bit apprehensive… Old ghosty fears about being humiliated like, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Plus I so wanted to ‘belong’ with people who seemed to be having ‘normal’ lives… and I never did!

But, hey, these days I relish being a one off; a woman in my own right standing in my own ground.


Some of you will know I have a morning practice; things that I do to connect with myself here on earth and other energies with which I work. One of those being my Wild Soul.

My Wild Soul appears to me these days as a bounteous being with elements of the Queen of Sheba. Quite delicious! And a month or so ago, in my imagination, she threw me an emerald ring.

I had no idea what that meant. I researched the meanings for emeralds and the colour green but nothing that I read hit the spot. And my Wild Soul continued to throw me either an emerald or an emerald ring for a while.

I felt the imperative of having an emerald ring of my own… That somehow it was crucial to whatever spiritual growth my Wild Soul was offering me. And here it is. A gorgeous dark green emerald ring… Sheer joy!

And that, I thought, was that!

I should have known better…

Reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, I came across this quotation…

‘Man is in the process of changing to forms that are not of this world; grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the light.’

Pretty esoteric… and the source?

‘Adapted from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.’

A shiver went up my spine and my hairs stood on end. As I read that source I knew absolutely that was what my Wild Soul’s emerald ring throwing was all about.

Thoth was the god of wisdom in ancient Egypt… and even before. The tablets are esoteric teachings ascribed to him which are said to be 36,000 years old. And the Queen of Sheba? In antiquity, she was a queen of Egypt and Ethiopia.

Yeah… I know! To my mind it’s all just a coincidence. To the rest of my intelligences, this ain’t no coincidence woman…


The bottom line is learning from this ancient script is clearly the next step in my personal and spiritual growth.

And the moral of the story is?

Always but always listen to your Wild Soul’s message… even if it seems bizarre. Like the Queen of Sheba tossing you an emerald ring!

Your Wild Soul’s messages will have their own unique identity and flavour associated with your own unique being. I can’t know what they are.

But what I do know is that your Wild Soul holds your original design; who you were meant to be rather than who you were trained to be. And, because of that, your Wild Soul is also your 100% fail proof inner guidance system.

It’s there urging you towards healing and wholeness and always but always revealing your absolutely right life choices… if you’re willing to listen to it…

Love and warm wild wishes…

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