My eyes prick with tears as I realise I’ve been struggling to say something. I’ve been over-complicating something beautifully simple to smokescreen it in case you think me weird…

Who me?


What I want to say is the divine has your back so completely you never ever have to feel anxious or afraid.

Come on Sharon!

Some of you are likely to be having tough times in this weird Covid-19 world. So my ‘the divine has your back’ sentence might sound like so much bullshit right now.

I get that!

I couldn’t wait to become an adult. Somewhere in my child’s head I had the idea that once I was an adult life would be plain sailing.

Was it heck?

Who on earth told us life could be easy?

Well, maybe, just maybe, in a forgotten place deep inside, you and I have always known that it could be.

There’s a lovely saying from the Christian tradition… Let go and let God! Basically it’s saying stop controlling; stop striving and pushing to make something happen. Of course, take action towards your goal AND let God (the divine, goddess, the universe etc.) be the director.

When you do… when you truly do… you listen out for that direction. The divine shows you the ‘hows’ and things fall into place in support of what you want to achieve for your own and the greater good.

The magical thing is, once you know-feel-sense the divine does indeed have your back, life certainly becomes easier and more in line with how you hoped it would be.

You trust. You have faith that whatever ails you will be sorted. Sometimes not necessarily in the way you thought that it might be.

And whatever you want to achieve for your own and the greater good is achievable.

Going on that journey means connection with your Wild Soul, your fail proof inner guidance system. It also means working with parts of your personality, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that need healing, updating or transformation.

That’s the deal…

The most beautiful win-win deal you’ll ever know!

Love and Wild Warm Wishes…

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