It’s 1951. I’m three years’ old…

We’re outside the ‘mother’s clinic’ on a busy East London street. Not busy with traffic as cars were few where we lived. But the pavement was busy with mothers, bulky prams, babies, babies and more babies plus a few older children like me.

And the hubbub of babies crying and being pacified and women talking-laughing raucously.

I think my mother left me outside the clinic when she went to get my sister weighed and whatever else they did in there. I think she was chatting; busily engrossed with other mothers grouped on the pavement.

Either could be true.


There was a very low wall, maybe three or four bricks high, which edged the front of the clinic. The kind of wall that even a bonneted and best coated three year old girl might be attracted to. Especially if she had a feisty soul.

And so I climbed aboard and, balancing oh so carefully, began to walk along the wall revelling in my high-wire accomplishment.

Then came the descent like a screaming banshee as she grabbed me with ferocity exclaiming, ‘Get off that wall! You’ll hurt yourself!’

This seems to be my earliest memory of risk-averse training but it’s likely there were even earlier events. And it continued. So much so I never learned to ride that shiny bike petrified as I was of falling off and hurting myself.

And so a block was born. A psychological-emotional-mental block to doing anything that might take me out of my comfort zone.

I could weep for the bright, intelligent and creative girl that I was and how all that was sabotaged just in case I fell off!

How about you? How were you blocked from being your bright, intelligent and creative self?

In my late twenties, I started the journey of personal and later spiritual evolution which led me back to that gorgeous child, my original design and the work that I do.

That’s a whole other story!

The point of sharing this with you is to let you know, superb woman, that whatever’s blocking you can be neutralised. You can learn how to dissolve your blocks, whatever they are, and achieve what you desire.


No more feeling stuck, no more frustration, no more tears, no more despair because there’s just freakin’ something that always gets in your way?


Unless you enjoy beating your head against a brick wall which, I have to tell you, becomes a block all in its own…

You can crack that one too!

Now, it took me years and years and years to get there. If I’d known then that the quickest route to getting rid of a block was through relationship with my Wild Soul I would have been a very happy bunny.

But, hey, I had to go that journey to develop the method and techniques to ensure YOU don’t have to wait!

Love and Wild Warm Wishes…

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Photo by Sevi Arivo on Unsplash