The London borough I live in has the highest incidence of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in a capital where the stats are perilously high anyway. And yesterday, doing my supermarket shop, I challenged several people for not wearing masks and not socially distancing.


If you’re someone who believes the whole thing is a government conspiracy… What? Worldwide? And that wearing masks is an infringement of civil liberty… What about my civil liberty not to be infected?


We’re just going to have to agree to disagree. And before you stop reading on principle, please hear me out because…

The current situation reminds me of a long-time-ago story a wise old trainer told me…


Once there was a woman who asked The Divine to show her heaven and hell. A strange request from a mortal. However, The Divine, in its wisdom, agreed to show her.

The next thing she knew she was in a corridor with two doors.

Opening the door nearest to her she saw a long table groaning under the weight of a sumptuous feast. She was dazzled by the variety of foods and their awesome aromas which made her mouth water with their deliciousness.

To her amazement, however, the people in the room were wailing and crying. And when she looked more closely she saw they were trying to feed themselves with spoons far longer than their arms. No way could they get food into their mouths.

‘That,’ said The Divine, closing the door,’ is hell!’

The woman was more than glad to cross the corridor to open the other door.

Here she saw the same long table groaning under the weight of the same sumptuous feast. Again, her mouth watered deliciously.

Only, this time, the people in the room were smacking their lips and making ‘mmm’ sounds of satisfaction. How could that be with the same spoons far longer than their arms?

When she looked more closely, to her delight, she saw they were feeding each other!

‘That,’ said The Divine,’ is heaven!’


I wear a mask, keep socially distancing and sanitise my hands to protect others from catching Covid-19 from me. Just as the ‘heaven’ people in the story took care of each other too.

Is it a pain in the arse!? YES…

As is socially-isolating which I had to do recently. Nearly crawled up the walls in the end.

Do I want to be doing it?

NO, I freakin’ do not!’

Is there an alternative?


It’s called hell…

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

PS If you’ve had a strong reaction to the above, please think on. We don’t have strong reactions for no good reason… And for more no bullshit content and a community of magnificent Wild Courageous Women grab your space here…

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash