It’s one of those days… I feel unsettled and slightly sick in my guts.

Something’s going on but I don’t know what it is. So I trawl through possibilities…

Money worries? ‘Not good enough’ worries? Upcoming long drive after hardly driving since lockdown?

Current increase in Covid-19 infections in my area?


Yeah… that one will get me every time!

In this case by me avoiding work on a project that will make me way more visible professionally and as a business woman.

Not that the other worries aren’t around but, over and above everything else, I know I’m getting in my own way. I’m creating a big fat obstacle to expressing more of my magnificent weirdness.

How about you?

Do you ever feel there’s so much more to you but you stop it from coming out for whatever reason?

Bloody right you do!

We’re creatures of habit. We don’t like the unknown. We fear it might mean being out of control and/or that something bad might happen.

We much prefer the known even if it’s beating our head against a brick wall.

Crazy isn’t it?

When all you’re being asked to do is grow…

Ever used excuses?

Didn’t do a degree in my twenties because ‘my husband wouldn’t like it.’ True… but, more importantly, I feared the unknown of what achieving a degree would bring!

Replace ‘husband’ for who you’ve used NOT to do something that would take you into a growthful unknown.

I don’t have the money. That’s too much for me. I like a quiet life. I’ll do it when………… (Insert ‘when the kids are older, when I’m older, in a year or two, when I’ve paid for xyz’… perhaps even ‘when hell freezes over!’)


And I’m saying STOP to myself as much as I’m saying it to you.

Remember, this is us putting obstacles in the way of our own precious personal and spiritual growth.

Time to acknowledge that’s what we’re doing and take action to overcome the dastardly thing!

I’ve just blocked out time in my diary to complete the project I’ve been avoiding. It’s all a bit hush hush… In fact it would have stayed hush hush for freakin’ forever if I hadn’t noticed how I was feeling and followed it through.


  • Step 1 – Recognise what’s going on with you inside. Phew!
  • Step 2 – Explore and identify the obstacle. So that’s what it is!
  • Step 3 – Take action to overcome it. Hey… I CAN DO THIS!

If I hadn’t overcome past obstacles, I wouldn’t be doing the work I love, I wouldn’t be here on earth to enjoy my kids and grand-kids and living life deliciously despite the obstacles I throw up at myself from time to time!

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Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

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Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash