I’m creating a Women’s Circle programme and the first let’s-get-to-it session is called ‘Base Camp.’

Like any other sacred journey, you need a strong foundation from which to start. Otherwise you’ll fly off into space like a balloon you’ve just blown up that unwittingly escapes from your hand… farting all the way!

Ever think about your base camp and what it does for you? end
For ‘base camp,’ read your body, feelings and mind all of which contribute to your personality; who you think you are.

I’ve been known to jokingly refer to my body as my ‘space suit.’ Whatever its faults like not being as spry as I used to be, saggy knees and general wear and tear, it’s perfectly designed to live on this planet.

Your body co-operates with oxygen, H2O, gravity and numerous other earthly elements so you can experience being alive. It’s also a sensing machine constantly receiving and monitoring incoming information to enable it to maintain itself as a system.

Hot-hot temperatures and, as a cooling device, you sweat to reduce your temperature.

Some kind of miracle when you think about it!

Your feelings are the very things which enable you to experience being ALIVE with capital letters. If you’ve ever been numbed out by a trauma, loss or disassociation (e.g., cut off from feelings) you’ll know how flat and empty life becomes.

Another kind of miracle when you think about it!

And then there’s mind…

Your mind in terms of mental functioning is a complex machine with which, at this time, no artificial intelligence can compare. Thinking, remembering, retrieving information and using electrical, bio-chemical and physical operations in its processes.

Yet another kind of miracle when you think about it!

I’ve not even covered a zillionth of what your base camp does for you but I’m hoping you get what a freakin’ miracle it is…

Now, you have to ask yourself, why go to all the trouble of creating such a multifarious being if the pinnacle of its achievement is to get born, breathe, eat, defecate and die?

Ah… there you have it!

The meaning of life and your sacred journey. Like climbing Everest, without the miracle of a reliable and strong ‘Base Camp’ you’re never going to reach your heights.

OR manifest them here on earth!

Love and warm wild wishes…

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