‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said, ‘to talk of many things…’

This line from ‘Through the Looking Glass’ by Lewis Carroll often haunts me. In the poem the line’s words are part of hypnotising the oysters into submission so they can readily be eaten…

Ooo… Just realised how we often seem to be regarded as oysters by the political classes!

I digress… or do I?

For the point of this post was to be about how often we DON’T TALK ABOUT many things. How we hypnotise ourselves with the same-old-same-old topics and conversations.

How we beat ourselves into a wintry submission.

Feeling sleepy as I write… That’s it, Sharon, keep your head below the parapet and you won’t get shot.

But it’s so stultifying below the parapet… And it’s a place of depression as I smother my magnificence in favour of the status quo.


Time to talk of many things, women!

To talk of FEELING ALIVE and vital whatever your situation.

To talk of EVOLVING yourself into more of who you were meant to be rather than who you were trained to be.

To talk of LIVING OUT LOUD rather than ‘living dead.’

Are you with me?

Then let’s talk of your passion and the sensational power of your Wild Soul…

Are you up for that?

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

PS Feeling as if the dreary days are pushing you below the freakin’ parapet?

This is still the best resource that I’ve read and continue to lean in and draw from, when I need to.

What I LOVE the most about it, is that it’s a manageable read.

Nothing worse, when you’re already feeling like shit, is to be met with war and peace when you just need a practical, no bullshit guide / reminder on how to re-find your best (better) self.

Thank you Sharon for this book.’  Daniela Croci Bain, London, UK.

Bounce Back from Depression – The No Nonsense Guide to Recovery… Great for the winter blues too. Get hold of your copy here