That happens for me all the time right now as a student of The Tarot.

And no, I can’t predict your future!

Once used erroneously for fortune telling booths at ‘kiss-me-quick’ seaside destinations, The Tarot are actually a powerful self-divination tool.

Used with purity of intent, wisdom and courage, I’m gobsmacked how much they’re an unfailing aid to my personal and spiritual growth. And, when reading the cards for others, for them too.

Regrettably, I’ve lost count of the women who’ve told me they were frightened by a reading in the past and haven’t had a reading since. So sorry if that’s you.

So sorry that you came across a crap reader who was probably self-taught and ignorant. Trained readers work ethically. And, as with all things, The Tarot can be used for your highest good… or not.

Pretty sure you’ll guess at which end of that spectrum I work!

For example, there’s a ‘Death’ card which, in fortune telling times, was guaranteed to send shivers down the spine. Yet it symbolises endings and beginnings OF ANYTHING as well as transformation and change.

More than that, how a card is read depends on the other cards that are pulled and in what position they are spread like a ‘your situation now,’ ‘challenge’ or ‘opportunity’ position.

For example, imagine you asked, ‘What do I need to do to improve my career?’

To keep it very simple, the death card would indicate an ending, change and a new beginning.

It would be up to you as to whether that meant you asked for a promotion, changed your job, transferred into another career or whether you did anything at all!

No fortune telling but excellent indicators to help you make your own choices.


An awesome tool to add to my therapeutic, coaching, Wild Soul and beyond abilities all of which help women like you overcome obstacles and learn how to soar!

What makes time disappear for you?

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

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