You know how it is when you’ve made a commitment to do something and, when it comes to it, you don’t freakin’ want to do it!

You fiddle-faddle around and prevaricate, prevaricate, prevaricate. Why did I ever say I’d do it when all I want to do is watch a film and zone out?

A wise old trainer once told me. if you get a strong adverse reaction to some-one or something, they’re not the problem. Look inside!

And as I so don’t want to write this blog post… YES, I know! Usually I’m loving it… So ‘look inside’ here I come…

As I write tears start to sting my eyes and I feel sad. Underneath all that bolshie I-don’t-want-to-do-this frustration, I feel landslides of sadness. A weary sludgy sadness that as much as I try I’m not going to crack this.

And what’s the ‘this?’

Now I’m really crying. Big fat tears slurry down my cheeks… I yawn. Something’s shifting.

And in that moment I realise this avoidance is really about setting myself far too high and unrealistic expectations.

Setting myself up to fail.

Everything I do is underpinned by my passion for every woman here on earth not to die with a wasted life. Not to have her heart wishes, her cleverness, her talents… WTF! … Not to have anything about her suffocated so she dies with the tragedy of a wasted life.

For I know the other side and I know it’s reachable, doable. I know the rugged terrain; the pitfalls, safe footholds and achievable crossings.

And I know, when you collaborate with your Wild Soul, then nothing and no-one can hold you back… whatever else is going on!

If I can’t help EVERY woman on this planet then why bother? My ridiculous too high expectation has been defeating me.

Just as too low expectation of how things can be might be defeating you. Saddening and bringing you down so that you too don’t bother.


I can teach you to overcome your inner obstacles and learn how to soar… one gorgeous and oh so magnificent woman at a time!

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS… If you know a woman who wants to live her life to the full please pass this on to her and encourage her to join Wild Courageous Women here…

Photo by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash