I love writing with an HB pencil…

It reminds me of being a little girl.

Of empty milk bottles collected by the milkman. Of purchases wrapped in coloured paper. Buying vegetables and fruit from the greengrocer in brown paper bags. Of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. And the invigorating smell of Lifebuoy carbolic soap!

I love my pencil’s smoky softness as my writing flows on paper.

Small pleasures.

A focusing on the now, this minute, this second.

The world of adult challenges and lockdown disappears in this one delicious activity… Sentence after sentence, word after word, letter after letter.


It’s that easy.

To stop the busy and know the simplicity and peace of being moment by moment as you were intended.

Such peace!

In these quiet minutes you’re able to hear your truths or sense them or feel them or see them or in whatever way you receive your Wild Soul’s wisdom.

Sheer heaven!

Love and Warm Wild Wishes…

PS Read and read again to re-connect with your moment by moment. And join other like-souled women in my gorgeous Wild Courageous Women group.

Photo by Frank Vesia on Unsplash