It’s that time again!

Except it’s not!

Well it is but everything we know and love about Christmas and the New Year… Whoaaa!

I was just going to write a yawn-yawn blogpost about how things aren’t the same this year, as if you didn’t already know that!


Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. It’s time to dig deep, invite our Wild Souls to guide us and turn this winter break, with all its restrictions, into one to remember… in a very good way!

Plans to stay over with my daughter’s family have gone out the window. Plans for them to meet me for a walk in the park have gone the same way too with the ‘you can only meet one person’ outside.


Whether you’re going to be on your own like me or not, in UK Tier 4, effectively lockdown, or not, in these extraordinary Christmas and New Year times, let’s do some earth moving stuff.

Let’s use the festive season to feel fully alive. As it’s senses and feelings that enable you to feel juicy and divine given aliveness…

Here’s my seven hot tips for an extraordinary festive season…

1.  If you religiously worship please don’t just mechanically say the words. Do it with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your body and all of your Wild Wild Soul. If you don’t religiously worship, read a poem or sing a song in the same uber-committed way.

2.  First thing every morning give your body a shake-shake-shake. Go for it until your teeth chatter. Then revel in the amazing energetic charge of your precious body.

3.  Put your favourite music on full blast, dump your inhibitions and dance-dance-dance until you sweat. Screw the neighbours if they complain!

4.  Eat well and slowly. Focus on textures and tastes and give yourself time to luxuriate in them. Even if it’s only beans on toast, turn it into a delicious gustatory and sensual experience.

5.  Smell the aromas. Go on! A big sniff in of everything from those beans on toast to the roast to the mince pies to your room freshener to the perfume you use to the smell of your soap and beyond-beyond…

6.  Watch a favourite movie, one with a heroic theme or a love-conquers-all theme. Or any theme that has your heart and soul stirred and makes you cry. Enjoy knowing you can be so deeply touched.

7.  Curl up, close your eyes and then daydream wonderfully with no holds barred. Imagine all the awesome things you’d love to be and do. No censoring! Afterwards write them all down. Who knows?

8.  And finally… A BONUS! Fanfare of trumpets and the throwing of rose petals… Treat yourself to my inspirational ‘Bejazzle 2021!’

I’m so freakin’ bored by same-old-same-old approaches to the New Year. If you haven’t sussed it already, I want adventure, I want glamour and I want deeper, bigger more shazam focus and experience. So I’m creating it!

‘Bejazzle 2021!’ will include your Wild Soul, Dumping 2020 Doo-doo, your Heart’s Desire and how to get it, sprinkled with a liberal dose of The Divine Feminine. And whatever else I can think up before then!

7.30-8.30 pm GMT Monday 28 Dec 2020


On Zoom, totally cost-free, my Wild Soul and I delight in inviting you to join us. Email me with a YAY in the subject line and I’ll do the rest…

Escape the family, kids and/or being on your lonesome for one magic hour… You deserve it!

To be at ‘Bejazzle 2021!’ email me now!

Wishing you a powerful sensual Christmas and New Year!

Love and warm wild wishes… Stay safe!