New Year’s Eve was a beacon of hope for me…

When I was a child, I so hoped for life in my emotionally depressed and chaotic family to get better. Poof! Overnight like the legend suggested!

Did it work?

Heck no!

So then I hoped New Year’s Eve would herald in better once I became a grown up. And when I got to be a grown up…

I hated those New Year’s Eve parties full of excessive jollity, so much noise you couldn’t hear yourself speak and unrequested kisses at the stroke of midnight.

In retrospect I realise I was picking up loads of denied feelings hidden behind the manufactured jollity. No wonder I felt like shit!

That and being in an unhappy marriage.

That’ll do it!

At some point in my personal and spiritual growth journey I finally got it!

I finally got that how today, let alone tomorrow, works out is down to me. That every day, including the first one of a new year, can be a great day… even when it’s not.

I know that sounds paradoxical and maybe even unrealistic given the realities of Covid-19, loved ones passing and serious loss of income that’s affected so many this year.

But hey, as a young single parent, I was floored by those things, hanging on by my very fingernails as I battled through. Which is so different to how I’ve managed the loss of a loved one and serious loss of income in recent years.

The difference?

Knowing that I could overcome the inner obstacles that would have me feeling afraid, helpless and hopeless.

Instead, I luxuriate in the energy of deep connection with my Wild Soul and its fail proof inner guidance. It’s so delicious; like a warm, strong and supportive hand on my back 24/7.

Grieving and getting on with my life at the same time!

Doesn’t mean I didn’t have a wobble or two. But my wobbles lasted a few days or even hours instead of weeks or months. For since I realised I CAN create my own life and my experience of it, whatever happens, every day counts!

So this New Year’s Eve I’ll raise a glass to you, superb woman, and your own Wild Soul so that you too might have every day count, whether it’s New Year’s day or not…

Here’s to you!

Love and Wild Warm Wishes…

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