I feel itchy-scratchy as we approach the Christmas break and 2021. It’s been a tragic year for many and I feel sad, even a bit despairing, for all their losses and heart-break.

Plus we have Brexit brinkmanship in the run up to our deal or no deal departure. By the time you read this maybe we’ll know better.

Oh how I hate the transactional zeitgeist!

And, at the same time, there have been delicious revelations for me.

The first was while journaling. I realised how much I’ve opened myself up to trusting more. Life, love, the universe… trusting more the way of things!

With it comes a desire for intimacy. To be able to deeply and freely share with another everything about me… no holds barred. Exciting and very scary!

Then, working with The Tarot, a divination tool for your personal and spiritual growth, I asked for guidance on marketing what I offer in my business.

Second revelation time!

The two cards I drew felt like the sweet smell of summer grass just cut, the resounding power of thunder claps and the veracity of a divine message.

Have you ever experienced ‘knowing’ in such a deep kind of way?

The first card’s main message was to speak my truth.

I’ve known this before but, in the midst of learning new ‘sales’ stuff, I realised why I’ve spent ages NOT finishing a sales page to be written in a recommended ‘winning format.’ It’s not my truth!

With much ah-now-I-get-it laughter, I decided to give it a go anyway. Who knows what I might learn from doing it?

The second card and realisation was to ‘REIGN’… To take my freakin’ space business-wise lined up with my purpose and passion. Again, not new but the message, plus others from both cards, was packed with fresh awareness and stonkin’ kick-your-heels-high motivating energy.


A copy of the cards is now on my desk. The ‘revelation’ journal pages are earmarked to read every day. A magnificent aide memoire for my healing, growth and success in the New Year.

What about you?

What revelations lie hidden within you that could energetically enliven and deliciously expand your experience of life, who you are and what you do?

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS I’m busting and wordless about what I desire for you too this coming year. So anticipate me offering new ways for you to find your heart’s desire and other delicious aspects of your personal potential. And, in the meantime, come join me here!