I’ve just written a post in Wild Courageous Women that refers to a cold-damp-dark UK winter morning. At the time of writing, it so is! A morning where even sounds seem muffled by the grey-wet mist.

I want to hibernate; to embrace the warmth, comfort and safety of a womb-like pod from which, like Persephone, I’ll emerge in the spring.

Know that feeling?

Some hope!

Such is the stuff that myths are made of…


When I think of warmth, comfort and safety, my Women’s Gatherings come to mind. For nothing can compare with being amongst women committed to discover the power and wisdom inside of them waiting to be explored.

Not womb-like in reality but certainly so metaphorically!

If you’ve not experienced one of my Women’s Gatherings, you won’t know of their magic and mystery. Or how women can work together and share their growing journey to midwife each other in a glorious divine and feminine process…

I stop writing. Stopped by revelling in the remembrance of leading and, at the same time, belonging in and to the rich endometrial life-giving energy of Women’s Gatherings.

Such memories sustain me now in bleak winter weather and Covid-19 restrictions. Experiencing such deep levels of intimacy and evolution is life-changing… then and now.

I’m urged to create a Women’s Gathering for the New Year.

And a feeling of awe overtakes me… A coming together of women that’s so sacred and special.


Nothing less will do…

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS Please pass this on to a woman you know would benefit from receiving my womanly words with my thanks… And encourage her to join us here.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash