Social media’s bombarding me today with loads of create-get-design-your-2021-goals now.


It feels such a pushy driven hard-nosed kind of thing to do. And I know when I’ve conformed to creating those kind of goals it just hasn’t worked.

I start with great ideas and intentions but the process ‘guaranteed’ to achieve my goals ends up feeling hard slog. I have to drag up every ounce of stoicism in my body to continue… until I just won’t any more.

All of that reinforces the part of me that’s oh so happy to tell me I’m just not good enough. Failed again!

Have you ever felt that way?

So why keep knocking your head against a brick wall…

Exactly! But to do nothing leaves you without focus as you slosh around in a hit and miss situation having to hope things work out anyway.

OR having to dream of that elusive fairy wand!

So I looked for something else. A ‘something else’ that was aligned with my Wild Soul, values and integrity. Then it hit me I’d been looking in all the wrong places. I’d assigned my mind to come up with the solution when it had nothing to do with mind!

Neuroscience has shown what the Ancients always knew. We have a heart brain and a gut brain as well as a head brain. While the logical aspect of head brain has been lauded and, by the way, thinks it’s King because of that, heart and gut brain were largely ignored traditionally.

OK… I’m in danger of being long-winded. So let’s cut to the chase!

When you wire yourself up to your Wild Soul, connections and inter-connections to your heart and gut brains open up because they’re Wild Soul’s main channels of communication.

So, if you focus on your Heart’s Desire, rather than a ‘goal,’ not only is your desire aligned with your Wild Soul’s potential blueprint for you, far more of you (aka body feelings mind oomph) gets invested in making your desire a reality.

As does your inner guidance system!

I could write a whole other essay on the process AND right now I’m asking you to trust that’s how the gig works. What I know is, since I’ve focused on the realisation of my Heart’s Desires, my life has changed exponentially into a better and yummier version.

Tears prick my eyes and… oh-oh… it’s rolling down my cheeks’ time! I’m touched by myself, the truth of the Heart’s Desire process and my wish to share it with you.

A bonus of the process is your self-sabotaging gremlins, like my ‘not good enough,’ are more easily neutralised. I don’t understand why that happens yet but I’m working on it!

Anyhow, woman, that’s it. I’ve put in the PS how you can learn the process to truly Create Your Heart’s Desire in 2021… and ANY TIME you want.

Despite the restrictions, let’s make this year as freakin’-shazam-amazin’ as we can…

Much love and warm wild wishes…

PS… Find your Heart’s Desire, identify self-sabotaging obstacles, learn how to overcome them AND manifest your Heart’s Desire in 2021. Aided and abetted by a sprinkling of your Wild Soul and the Divine Feminine.  

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