I wasn’t well a few days last week… some kind of flu thing with achy body, headache and upset guts for a few days but it left me low. That’s exactly when those inner obstacles, the anti-life gremlin thoughts and feelings, rub their hands with glee.

Whenever you’re physically ill, pulled down psychologically/emotionally, have low mood or are clinically depressed they splurge through your vulnerability like Trump fans on a rampage.

Oh… that was so not polite of me but WTF… That’s just how they are!

Anyhow, the bottom line is, however much you’re into self-care, there are times when those little blighters will paint their critical shit all over your wall. Pull-you-down graffiti everywhere!

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling on and off since being unwell. Like your central heating system’s gone crazy and decides for itself when it’s gonna switch on and off to surprise you.

In my last post, ‘Your top three inner obstacles and how to overcome them easily in the moment!’ I gave you a technique to interrupt and, eventually, vanquish the blighters. So I’m not going there again now.

I’m not under attack right now. Just feeling a little low. The kind of low for which my grandmother would suggest taking a ‘tonic.’  Mind you, what occurs to a part of me is that a crisp G & T would do the trick if only I had some in the house…


I’m here to tell you it’s OK to feel a little low. I’m not into happy-clappy-maniacal you have to be happy, love and light all the time. Low is definitely OK too…

In feeling low, I’ve done some rich and revealing Tarot readings and transformative therapeutic work. In feeling low I noticed a different way of being with my Wild Soul and the divine feminine; a softer and deeper allowing. In feeling low I was kind to myself and cancelled on a few things for which I didn’t have the energy.

It’s the way of things.

Water ebbs and flows. All living things blossom and fade. And without the one you wouldn’t have the other… It is what it is!

Has reading this brought you to the calm, quiet and gentle place writing it has brought me?

Ahhhhhhh… a long and delicious sigh!

The pleasure of non-resistance, of embracing what is, of acceptance!

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

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