I’ve been approached to be interviewed for a special Wise Women series that will air in March. Of course I said freakin’ YES once I’d checked out that the event’s vibe was aligned with mine. So exciting!

Yet, when I came off the call, the excitement turned to feeling sick to my stomach. Anti-life gremlin thoughts and feelings flooded through me about not being good enough and being a fraud.

I’ve found those are the top two inner obstacles that sabotage women from living up to your gorgeous talents and abilities.

In fact, can you remember ever feeling you weren’t good enough or a fraud? My guess is you probably have.

The third inner obstacle that sabotages women is fear of success.

Yes… you read right!

People bang on about fear of failure. But, because of not feeling good enough and fear of being exposed as a fraud, fear of success is often uppermost. Greater visibility = greater risk of being found out!

I suspect that might even play a part in the cliché ‘glass ceiling’ we women come up against.


What did I do next with my not-good-enough and fraud-fraud-fraud stuff?

I acknowledged those pesky inner gremlin anti-life obstacles… ‘Hello you. Here you are again AND right now I’m sitting in my chair writing notes.’

Pushing negative shit away achieves nothing as you’ve probably found out. The anti-life gremlins just fight back and return even stronger. Acknowledge them and you’ll feel a release of tension as if they’re saying, ‘Phew! Thank goodness she heard me.’

Then add ‘AND right now…..’ Adding what you’re doing in the moment delivers a good dollop of mindfulness which kicks the inner obstacle trance right in the butt and outta here!

Sick to the stomach disappears.

Repeat process as and when to diminish obstacle strength and frequency.

Further psycho-spiritual work is needed to ensure inner sabotaging obstacles are obliterated or, at least, become a very rare event. For example, I can’t remember the last time they bit me on the bum!

The thing is I knew how to dispel them ensuring my ‘sick to the stomach’ lasted no more than minutes rather than hours, days or even weeks.

Writing that reminds me of my younger years and often being emotionally and mentally crippled by inner obstacles. The anxiety they created was always at my heels hounding me.

My heart goes out to you if you recognise that in yourself. Know that you’ve begun to disempower those blasted anti-life inner obstacles just by using my process.

AND as you use it, woman, the magnificence of who you really are shines through more and more!

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

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