Only about 8% of people ever achieve their New Year resolutions despite the blood sweat and tears they put into it. There has to be a better way! 

And there is…

NY resolutions are logic led and, while you can visualise and emote the shit out of them, their foundation is still logic.

But your Heart’s Desire is viscerally led allied to your passion, purpose and your Wild Soul’s calling… even if you don’t know what that is

So why run on a quarter of a tank when you can run on a full mega-juicy souped-up version?

  • Ditch the struggle to find the right words to motivate you.
  • Forget having to repeat and visualise affirmations every day.
  • No more heavy-lifting to keep on track.

‘How To Move On Your Heart’s Desire 2021’
7 – 9pm GMT Monday 11 January via Zoom
Full Fee £47 – Special New Year fee just £37

During this two hour online workshop you’ll identify your Heart’s Desire, where you’re going with it, inner obstacles in your way, how to overcome them and manifest your Heart’s Desire in 2021. Aided and abetted by a sprinkling of your Wild Soul and the Divine Feminine.

  • Feel naturally motivated to achieve your Heart’s Desire.
  • Be deliciously surprised how your desire manifests bit by bit.
  • Monitor your desire’s unfolding organically and with ease.

If you’re a member of Wild Courageous Women, my private Facebook Group, or subscribe to my Morning Inspirations, you’ll be getting this as a priority notice. Then it’s going public Sunday 3rd!

So, with only 10 places and 4 women already booked, book your place now through your £37 payment to

What’s it to be? Struggle with that NY resolution or go with your flow through following your Heart’s Desire!

You know you deserve it woman!

Much love and warm wild wishes…

PS… She who hesitates is lost! Be a woman who achieves her Heart’s Desire this year for just £37 right now