I wish I could have put my finger on it in my late twenties.

Life looked really good from the outside. Semi-detached suburban wife and mother, Chair of PA, running my own business, good friends, good social life.

There it is again, that word…

What’s the meaning of that limp wristed ‘good?’

It means things aren’t bad but it also means things aren’t great. It means you’re ticking over but it also means you’re not living with passion. It means you’re doing OK on the hamster wheel but it also means you’d do anything to know what nags away at you from time to time!

As for that nagging, remember having the tip-of-the-tongue feeling? You know you know the answer or the word you’re searching for but can you get it out of your mouth? The heck you can!

When you get that kind of feeling in your guts or your head or your heart, that searching restless what-the-feck’s-going-on feeling… It’s your Wild Soul’s calling card.

Your Wild Soul’s nudging you to… Well, whatever it’s nudging you to see, hear, feel, sensate or taste, the bottom line is it’s calling you to grow into more of magnificent you.

Imagine how your life would be if you couldn’t wait to start your day. Imagine how you’d look feeling enthusiastic and engaged in what you’re doing. Imagine feeling free to make choices spontaneously knowing they’re the right ones for you.

Imagine how meaningful life would feel when you discover your raisin d’être, your purpose. Understanding, at last, what you came here to be and do.

All pie in the sky?


That’s your birth right and journey… And you’re not alone. It’s a deliciously ongoing journey I and the women with whom I work travel. The journey from being and doing ‘good’ to being and doing great!

Imagine yourself living in your delicious greatness right now. Imagine the joy of seeing your family and children as they benefit from a happier and more fulfilled you.

I hear the ‘who me?’ The ‘It’s a lovely day dream but it’s not going to happen!’ The ‘I’m not meant’ or ‘don’t deserve to have that.’  The ‘life’s always been a struggle’ with the unspoken codicil ‘and it always will be!’

Hey, woman, they’re just vestiges of your conditioning from the tribe and culture into which you were born. They were designed to make you fit in or protect you from hurt.

They’re just knee jerk responses; inner obstacles that you can conquer to smash your own glass ceiling and step into Wild Soul freedom.

Don’t know how? Well, it’s freakin’ brilliant I do, isn’t it?

Now… This isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those women with the divine feminine cojones to yell YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!

Contact me for your free 20 minute Clarity Call and we’ll check them out!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Smash your own glass ceiling and step into Wild Soul freedom!

PS If you’re waiting until the summer comes, your kids are a bit older, you’re in a ‘better’ place or whatever… I get it. I once turned down a place at university because of it. But hey, woman, it’s just a call to say hello and if I can help that’s got to be a bonus isn’t it? Here I am… sharon@thewildelder.com