What’s that song?

‘I wanna sing, I wanna shout
I wanna scream ’til the words dry out
So put it in all of the papers, I’m not afraid
They can read all about it, read all about it…’

But what’s the freakin’ IT?

OK… I’ll back up a bit.

And just through writing those words, I get it!

I screwed up and I’m feeling ashamed. I was interviewed and when I watched the finished video I saw myself being all over the place. Not made the best of the opportunity.

Ever felt like that?

My experience tells me that it’s probably not as bad as I think it is. AND, in the moment, I just want to crawl into a warm dark place and hide.

Will I?

Heck no!

There’s learning to be had.

Immediately, as I type that, I realise I polarised with the interviewer. She was super serene, cool, calm and quietly spoken.

Now I can’t know whether she was in fact like a swan gliding along on the surface but frenetically paddling under the water. What I do know is I’m able to ‘feel’ people’s denied feelings EVEN across great distances and online.

I’m grateful to be a Clairsentient for the awesome therapeutic skill with which it gifts both me and you in our work, including The Tarot consultations.

AND the question remains, if I was polarising with the interviewer during the interview, WTF??? How come I allowed myself to be knocked off centre and behave unconsciously out of those feelings?

Tears sting my eyes… HUMILITY!

More tears… I know I had a question mark about the interviewer. Humility Sharon… It was a Wild Soul question mark sensation! But there was so much in the interview’s favour commercially I pushed it to one side and didn’t explore what that question mark was about.

BTW The interviewer is a lovely person. To be clear, the question mark, now realised, was about me in relationship with them.


If ever I needed reminding, that’ll teach me for not listening to my Wild Soul.

Crying full on… and feeling blessed for the learning. Not to get seduced and caught up in the hubba-hubba of things and let it over-ride my Wild Soul’s inner guidance.

Guess what?

However much you ‘know’ a thing, there’s always more to learn… AND you’re never too old to learn it!

Love and warm wild wishes courageous woman…

Step into your Wild Soul Freedom!

PS  If you do one thing today, please send this to a woman you love. So when she next screws up, as we all do, she’ll know she’s not alone!​