I’m busting a gut here!

And I stop writing… like do I really want to share this with you?

When you go public some people won’t like what you have to say. Some people might hate what you have to say. Some people might even want to take you down.

That’s the risk we women take every time we open our mouths. Yes… stand loud and proud because gender inequality still exists… like we didn’t know it!

Those of you in the UK know what I mean when I say ‘Jackie Weaver.’ What a woman! She showed us all how to deal with shouty-bullying men in a meeting… Eject them from Zoom pronto!

What a feat because, according to recent research at Brigham Young University and Princeton, women find it harder than men to speak up in mixed meetings. 75% of speaking time is made up of men!


I remember research like this back in the 1980s/90s and here we are in the 2020s with the same crap going on. We women need to conquer our own self-sabotage to smash this particular glass ceiling.

‘When women participated more, they brought unique and helpful perspectives to the issue under discussion,’ … the lead study author… ‘Karpowitz said.’ 

You bet your sweet arse we do!

OK… I know I’m not writing this in a mixed gender conference meeting but similar self-sabotage is at play. And my inner critic (won’t give it capitals otherwise it’ll big itself up!) is definitely a masculine voice.

What to do?

‘Neutralise the bugger. Do a Jackie Weaver on him!’ says my Kali-like Warrioress. TBH her deepest desire would be to cut off his balls!

Mmm… Embracing your self-sabotaging elements is by far the better strategy for neutralising them. Embrace them! Are you mad? Topic for another blogpost?


I digress which is another and oh so clever self-sabotage of mine!

So here’s what I stopped myself from speaking out loud… And I’m so freakin’ excited I am busting a gut!

Sometime soon I’m opening a small, select SHAZAM Facebook membership group for women’s personal and spiritual growth. Women who don’t want to work one-to-one with a therapist or coach or perhaps have had it with doing so! Women who want to conquer their self-sabotage and smash their own glass ceiling.

Tears come to my eyes because of the courage and full-heartedness of such women. It’s a small community; a place to celebrate as well as cry, to challenge yourself as well as be supported, to freakin’ grow into your majesty, your birth right!

We’re likely to include a monthly LIVE master class, monthly or weekly mantra which we’ll work with, meditations, guided journeys, Wild Soul, Divine Feminine, manifestation of desires, The Tarot, weekly LIVES with Q and A, plus a library of pdfs, videos and other delicious resources as we grow.

Desire to be one of these special women embarking with me on a personal and spiritual journey to conquer your self-sabotage, smash your own glass ceiling and step into Wild Soul freedom?

Then let me know ASAP as the group will only open up to a small number of women for a limited time. If you Facebook DM me that’ll reach me even quicker. Let me know soonest and you’ll go on my priority waitlist.

OK… I’m done!

I’ve neutralised that bit of self-sabotage and so can you…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Step into Wild Soul freedom!

PS Another way women self-sabotage is by not saying YES to themselves. So if you’re prevaricating or thinking of all the reasons not to belong to my select group say YES… I dare you. To go on my waitlist Facebook DM me pronto!