I see the brightness of spring sun hitting neighbours’ houses and highlighting the rich green of my over-grown grass.

And I sigh deeply.

At last!

After the grimness of a lockdown winter spring brings a hope for better things. A hope for the warmth of a summer sun. A hope for more freedom.

My eyes fill with tears, touched by that hope. And my Wild Soul reminds me we are always free… even when we think we’re not!

At different times in life you find yourself enslaved by some seemingly uncontrollable situation to which you feel bound. And I’m reminded of the drudgery of feeling unfulfilled, unmet and alone in my marriage.

Even then, though I didn’t know it, my Wild Soul was at work telling me through clinical depression GET OUT GET OUT! Urging me towards education I’d missed out on as a grammar school dropout.

The very education that, with some twists, led me to the work, THIS work, which has sustained and fulfilled me for nearly forty years.

THIS work that makes me feel so blessed.

So, even in this lockdown, even in the uncontrollable situation of Coronavirus restrictions which might continue for years, YOU ARE FREE!

Free to listen to your Wild Soul as it calls you to your unfolding. As it calls you to more of your magnificence, to more of your potential and who you were meant to be.

I smile and a favourite Albert Camus quotation pops into mind.

‘In the depths of Winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.’

So, even in this Coronavirus ‘winter,’ open up softly to yourself. Allow Camus’ words to filter through and join you with the delicious ‘invincible summer’ of your own Wild Soul. To filter through to the glorious freedom it offers you… whatever’s going on!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling!

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