I’ve had it with International Women’s Day!

What Sharon!

When you’re so passionate about women’s freedom from self-sabotage? When it’s your passion to show women how to smash their own glass ceiling and be confidently seen and heard and feel more powerful?

Why on earth would you diss International Women’s Day?

Because it’s so paternalistic… Yes, women can be paternalistic too! Here you are women… One day a year when you can celebrate your contributions to society, science, art and whatever other freakin’ areas you choose.

You can even use it to protest for women’s rights as was its raison d’être in 1909 New York City.

And the rest of the year?

Then we’re back to women without parity; not being heard, seen or acknowledged nearly as much as men. Last week’s blog post illustrates that perfectly.

I realise, being long in the tooth, I’m weary of it all. Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s been there, seen that, done that, got the T shirt. But for many women ‘women’s liberation and rights’ have passed them totally by… even now.

And the battle is mostly internal.

A woman in her thirties battling her tendency to defer to the male in the room.

A business woman in her forties doing all the home-schooling as her husband’s job is too high profile and demanding to participate.

A woman in her fifties doing most of the ‘senior caring’ for her parents despite having two brothers nearby.

Am I anti-men?


What I am ‘anti’ is the conditioning that’s perpetuated generation after generation to put girls and women as lesser and as second to… Don’t believe me?

Then check it out by asking when you as a woman come or put yourself first? And, if you have a partner, including same sex or other gender, how equally are things distributed between you?

I’m delighted if you were raised in equality. Even so, check it out, as conditioning can be very subtle.

OK… I’m done!

Celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March if that’s your thing. That I’m impervious to the hype is my stuff, not yours.


Please, please celebrate yourself as WOMAN every freakin’ day!

Watch out for those thoughts and feelings which deny you your magnificence, your seat at the top table. And know that you can absolutely conquer them.

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Step into Wild Soul Freedom!

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