I longed for a special group of women…

Women married to their personal and spiritual evolution who want to be and experience ‘more.’ Women who know how it is to travel the journey; intrepid explorers thrilling at the discovery of previously unknown land but also knowing dashed hopes of what seems an insurmountable steep-sided mountain or a torrential-raging water way.

Women who persist, aware that somewhere, absolutely somewhere inside there’s hidden treasure. Women who sense they have a flame within and long for it to nourish them with the warmth of its glowing-pulsating unquenchable embers.

There are many women’s groups out there. I know… I’ve joined one after the other when there seemed to be a sniff of something!

Some of them proved to be ‘beige’ despite their marketing hype. Some of them proved to be imposters, sounding bold but, in fact, all bravado.

Some offered personal-spiritual development and ‘sisterly’ support. But so up-their-arses they didn’t recognise the damage of their unresolved shadow as it spewed out on any woman by whom or any discussion topic by which they felt threatened!

Goddess preserve me from smiling, smooth-talking love’n’light women who have all the talk but don’t do the freakin’ work to clean up their acts…


I created my own women’s group where all members are valued whether they’re contributors or onlookers. A group inspiring and lifting up women’s spirits, aspirations and experience of themselves. A group safe enough for women to say it how it is for them. Wild Courageous Women was born!

And now?

Now I’m creating a small, select group of women including the above AND to conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling through the power of your Wild Soul. It will have all the energy of #wildcourageouswomen PLUS!

Full details of the Wild Soul Freedom Club will be posted exclusively in Wild Courageous Women on 1st April…

Eleven gorgeous women are already on my Priority Waitlist. And, if you haven’t already let me know you’re interested in being one of those very special women, DO IT NOW!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling!

PS: I could write one of those long repeating sales letters which manipulate you wonderfully into signing up but they’re bullshit! This new group is only for the very special women who know to their core, ‘This is for me. Save me a place right now!