Some of you will know I have psychic abilities.

Actually, I believe we all have psychic abilities but some of us weren’t encouraged to express them… to put it lightly. Sensing other than what-you-can-see-or-hear energies was not a plus in my family!


For years now I’ve researched courses at The College of Psychic Studies off and on. But I’ve not done anything about them. Until recently…

As a professional, I regularly take courses to improve my skills and abilities. At the end of a recent Tarot course, the teacher drew one card for each of us as part of a completion ritual.

She drew a card for me and immediately gave me the message to stop looking at the material and develop the spiritual. She said it in a firm almost exasperated voice. And, to tell you the truth, I was pissed off!

All the other attendees were given uplifting messages of one kind or another but I was the odd one out. W T F!

What I haven’t told you is that, for ages, I’ve been saying I didn’t want to go down the developing my psychic abilities road. ‘Not for me.’ I’ve said. I should have known that was a big juicy clue.

But there I was, just pissed off with the message I got.

I came off the Zoom group call and went straight to check my email inbox. And there was an email from the College offering a one-day psychic workshop.

Tooooooo much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

So you know how it is when you’re pissed off. You can also be bloody minded and I thought, ‘OK… feck you! I’ll do that day and by the end of it I’ll know for sure one way or another.’

Of course I was convinced my ‘for sure’ would be that the psychic route was not for me.

Well, the six hour workshop flew by as if minutes. In pair exercises I was accessing energies and information relevant to the other person. In fact, the first couple of times I did that I broke into sobs.

The trainer was very matter of fact. ‘People won’t want to see you crying your eyes out when they’ve come to you for help!’ True… And then another student led me to realise my sobs were probably releasing the big NOOOOO I’d been holding for years about the work.

Resistance get thee behind me!

So guess who’s starting a three month intermediate psychic course in May?

I’ve no idea where this is taking me… And I don’t need to know. I’ve ignored the call to develop my psychic abilities for years from fear of the unknown and due to a dollop of my childhood conditioning!

Now I embrace that calling knowing I will abso-freakin-lutely be guided toward how to manifest my psychic abilities here on earth. I have the certainty of faith in all the uncertainty.

Watch this space!

And you? What have you been saying NO to for ages? What are you being called to be or do about which you say, ‘I don’t want to go down that route?’

Yeah… I know!

Love and warm wild wishes woman…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling!

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