Wouldn’t you just relish not being hampered by delaying tactics?

So many women tell me they don’t get to achieve what they desire because they get side-tracked by their mind wandering, things you ‘should’ do, making meals, the washing, notification pings from their mobile, social media… and oh those thoughts!

What are you thinking of, not good enough, you can’t do this, fear of freakin’ failure or success, fear of what other people think of you, you’re a fraud, can’t be bothered, I’ll do it tomorrow, who cares anyway… ya-di-ya-di-ya

All self-sabotage!

If you’re shouting at me, ‘What do you know?’ Oh, I know alright… This is the woman who once turned down a university place because she was scared how her then husband and his family would react. A degree was something you did before marriage and kids according to them!

AND, in reality, they were convenient stooges for my unconscious fears of not being up to it, seeing myself fall flat on my face and make a fool of myself.

I know it feels hard not to listen to and act in line with those thoughts and feelings. But just imagine if you could.

Go on! Take a minute to close your eyes and daydream of being in the middle of whatever it is you desire… Or would desire in an ideal world.

Touch into the delicious light feeling of having achieved what you set out to like a cat stretching, purring and then licking the cream off her whiskers. Feel your ‘I did it!’ confidence like you’re standing on a podium with that gold medal going around your neck.


Yes, woman, that is you… And if you can dream it you can create it!


Your self-sabotage is much easier to resolve than you think.

Imagine being a member of a small, select and supportive group of women who feel as you do and give you the warmest welcome home hug you could ever have.

Imagine a programme of master-classes showing you how including manifesting what you desire, Q and As, weekly mantras, Tarot Consultations, Oracle cards, your Wild Soul and The Divine Feminine to support your growth. Plus a library of resources… Loved up with your elegant learning and unfolding!

All led by The Wild Brave Warm Straight-Talking Expert Elder that I am. Plus a not to be repeated monthly membership especially for Founding Members. There’s an application process and, once founded in April, the group will close for a specified time.

Five gorgeous women are already on my Priority Waitlist. Email me here by return to join them.

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling!

PS… Never before have I offered such an intimate group opportunity to work with me in an ongoing way and I am so excited by it. Excited because showing women how to do this stuff is my passion and seeing women conquer their self-sabotage and grow is a joy. What more can I say? Join me now!