Had enough of negative self-talk holding you back… Feeling stuck and frustrated or annoyed at ‘that’ voice – you know the one… Tired of prevaricating, cursed with over-thinking, fear of failure, rejection, not being good enough, being found out?

Or feel like you could fly if only you didn’t keep getting in your own way…

Sounds like the Wild Soul Freedom Club is just what you need! ⭐

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling and step into Wild Soul freedom… Founding Member window closes this Friday 16 April.

As a Founding Member you will…

1. Reclaim your vital oomph and celebrate your purpose and passion for life so you live more enthusiastically

2. Feel more joy and fulfilment through finding a direction which infuses your wellbeing, health and wealth

3. Be and do what and who you desire fuelled by positive and creative energy that propels you successfully into abundance

4. Love your Wild Soul and inner guidance system for advice that always delivers so you feel confident and assured all the time

5. Stand in your own essential power as you confidently navigate your future knowing you can conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling whenever you desire!

How could you achieve all that?

‘Sharon Eden is a unique, wise and powerful guide for women ready to rise. Her straight forward and heartfelt approach to her work offers sanctuary and safety as you process and release what has been blocking your path. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work.’ Lisa-Sumala Carter – Transformation and Spiritual Coach UK

Here’s what awaits the Club’s fabulous Founding Members…

⭐ Womanly Motivational Launch Event 7.30-8.30pm Wednesday 21 April for Founding Members only.
⭐ Monthly innovative Master Class series ‘Smash YOUR Glass Ceiling!’
⭐ Cost-free access to my awesome Master Class video, ‘A Letter from Your Wild Soul!’ to effortlessly connect and communicate with your fail proof inner guidance system. Plus a library of potent on-topic videos and pdfs to grow with time.
⭐ Weekly powerful Manifestation Mantra and Oracle cards.
⭐ Weekly spell-binding Tarot Consultations with personal one card readings LIVE.
⭐ Participate in inspirational motivational posts, tips and comments for your maximum expansion AND for support when needed.
⭐ Fortnightly sizzling ideas for ‘The magic of your Journal’ LIVE.
⭐ 10% membership privileged discount for personal Wild Soul Sessions.
⭐ Finally, luxuriate in the warmth, magic and mystery of a select small community of women coming together to grow together with more intimate input and presence from me.

And the cost?

I’m not going to do that salesy shit of how much you’d have to pay for x amount of time with me. Or give you a load of bull about how much my high value clients ‘invest’ in my programmes.


‘Sharon is focused on the most positive outcomes for her clients and her commitment is such that she shares her knowledge generously…’ Jacqueline Rogers – Founder & CEO Athena – #1 Referral Network for Women

I’ve been guided to create this awesome Wild Soul Freedom Club and feel blessed by the magnificent Founding Members who are the first to join and support me in this small group sacred adventure. SO…

Founding Members only £29 per month or £319 annually (saving a month) FOR LIFE for continuous membership.

FOUNDING MEMBER WINDOW CLOSES THIS FRIDAY… Join me and these magnificent women now!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling!

PS (French accent) I will only say zis once! The opportunity to be a Founding Member of the Wild Soul Freedom Club only happens one time and the window closes this Friday, 16th. After that some of the above features will disappear and, of course, your subscription fee increases… So, let me know I WANT IN here…