I’m out of sorts. In fact, I’m pissed off!

Well-meaning friends and colleagues are inviting me to join Facebook groups where the topic is to develop your Divine Feminine so as to partner the Divine Masculine.

To hell with that!

We live in dualistic thinking, a world of opposites… good/bad, rich/poor, beautiful/ugly ya-di-ya-di-ya. That includes the traditional two genders idea, masculine and feminine.

Hence a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine but not every culture agrees with our traditionally ‘bi’ take on gender…

For example, before the advent of Europeans, Native Americans, embraced gender fluidity. There were no gender binaries. There were men and women. Then there were feminine men and manly women and transgendered individuals of various kinds.



And I don’t mean for you or me to join the let’s-all-embrace-our-goddess brigade or circle-dancing purveyors of light and love.

I mean the gutsy powerful don’t-fuck-with-me Divine Feminine who is a manifester-creator in the world as well as a compassionate-receiver-giver of love and tenderness.

That’s the Divine Feminine we’ll be channelling and drawing down in my Wild Soul Freedom Club. We won’t be partnering with the Divine Masculine because the Divine Feminine is more than freakin’ enough on her own!

And you, what about you?

What if you could stand in the power of the Divine Feminine; her awesome power to create and destroy as well as to be gentle and open hearted. All rolled into one gorgeous dynamic energy to conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling?

Take a few minutes to imagine your own life. Where do you desire to be more powerful? See yourself totally clear on what action to take and doing so with ease and gentleness of spirit however difficult that situation might be.

Imagine you sticking to your NO or even being able to say NO instead of giving into pressure. You stick to your NO in such a quiet firm way you send a don’t-mess-with-me message without being abusive.

Now imagine calling on the Divine Feminine to transform whatever self-sabotage hurts you the most right now… fear of not being good enough, failure, rejection, humiliation, what others think of you, negative self-talk, over-thinking, feeling stuck and frustrated, prevarication, delaying tactics….

AND now see yourself transformed with the help of her powerful loving energy.

Of course you need to co-operate with her energy by doing intra-psychic healing work and taking action but for NOW…

See yourself, head high standing tall, and feel your abundant confidence, assuredness and self-love for conquering that self-sabotage.


Join my Wild Soul Wisdom Club and be that woman!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling!

PS See full information I sent you on Tuesday AND be aware the Founding Member window with special joining fee and benefits closes in ONE DAY this Friday 16th… Don’t believe it will work for you? Then it won’t! The Wild Soul Freedom Club is only for those women who desire change in line with their Wild Soul and its inner guidance. Women who are into personal and spiritual growth. Women who want to experience ‘more!’ Grab that ‘more’ now!