I know you don’t believe me!

I know inside your head it goes, ‘But what about x and what about y? And how can I be who and what I deliciously want to be when I have to ya-di-ya-di-ya?’ Could also be, ‘Even if I knew who and what I deliciously want to be FFS!’

That, my darling, is conditioning. And, if I were to take a feminist stance, I would say that’s also patriarchy and misogyny holding you down!

Yup! Inside you. Whirly-twirled through the conditioning you received from family, friends and your culture there will be at least the energy of ‘women are second best.’

Your family wasn’t or isn’t like that?

It can come subtly even in a family that puts lots of effort into gender equality. Like a family I know where, in lockdown, the man commandeered the study with the woman left to work and keep an eye on the children in the lounge.

It’s not what we say but WHAT WE DO that teaches children ‘how things get done around here.’

An influential 20th century feminist and poet, Audre Lorde, said, ‘Women are powerful and dangerous.’

Not freakin’ powerful and dangerous enough for my liking!

Those are fighting words I know but they belie the raging waters of pain and disappointment that underlie them. When our young people can rise up in the face of what they call a ‘rape culture.’ When women still haven’t got parity with men in the work place despite the 1970 UK Equal Pay Act…

That’s freakin’ 51 years ago!


I wish with one swish of my fairy wand I could change the world. But I can only change me and hold my hand out to help change you for the better too.


The exciting part of all that for me is a vision… just imagine it… Each woman conquering her own conditioned self-sabotage like grains of sand. And the more of us doing it the bigger that glorious golden beach becomes.

Come the revolution… and we’ll all smash our own glass ceilings!

Imagine your powerful sighing release of tension as if a pressure cooker’s whooosh and the sheer lightness in your body, almost floating without critical thoughts and feelings that weigh you down. Imagine, despite your situation, being free like a warm summer’s day and feeling there’s all to play for.

That’s what I call liberation!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage to smash your own glass ceiling!

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