I was urged to be deep and true today…


Take off the last vestiges of my mask? The mask all of us wear one way or another. The mask that shows what you’ve been conditioned to believe is acceptable, correct, the one that will help you get ahead of the game.

Only it never does!

Much of mine’s dissolved over nearly forty years’ of personal and spiritual growing. AND there’s still eons left to peel off.

When women start therapeutic work with me they sometimes ask how long it will take to be ‘cured.’ I reply, ‘Have you got three thousand years?’

A joke, of course, but also truth. For there’s always self-sabotage and a glass ceiling or two to smash. More of your potential and magnificence to be unblocked and expressed.

It’s one helluva life-time’s journey of wonderment and mystery as you unfold from a cautious opening bud to a strong colourful and deliciously scented bloom.

Imagine feeling totally joined up and at peace. Imagine having ease in what you say and do. Imagine action being simple and effortless knowing you’re totally in sync with your Wild Soul’s guidance. Imagine feeling skin-prinking alive moment by moment.

OK Sharon… If it takes forever why even bother starting?

As if you have a choice…

When the pain of not following your Wild Soul, of self-sabotaging yourself, of living meanly with yourself and others and feeling the situation you’re in is not right for you reaches a certain intensity, there’s no choice. You get catapulted into your growth journey.

So why wait until the Universe breaks your freakin’ door down?

Because most human beings cling to the familiar even if it means banging your head against a brick wall until it bleeds… and beyond!

So where am I going with this?

Ah yes!

What you don’t know is when you take your first step towards healing and wholeness, magic kicks in. I can’t guarantee transformation overnight. The journey is the journey…


Imagine feeling a firm, supportive and loving hand on your back. Imagine whatever’s happening in your life right now is the perfect occurrence for your learning and healing… however not OK or painful it might be.

Imagine that FREAKIN’ EVERYTHING is an opportunity to be more of… and now I feel frustrated. I, we, don’t have the vocabulary for ascendance and moments of growth.

All I know is the closer you get, even if that’s miles away, you live with greater love, good-strong-skilful Will and feel so blessed you could burst. And belonging! The sheer joy of knowing you’ve come home and belong, warts and all.

Be deep and true?

You bet your sweet arse that’s the only place to be…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling.

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