I’ve recently been reminded to be and do something I’d forgotten!

You know how it is. You get busy. Life intervenes and/or other things are on your mind. We women are such multi-taskers we can be pressed for time to draw breath!

Tell me about it… And no, drawing breath is not what I’d forgotten to do.

It was something more critical and profound.

I’ve been so busy working on stuff, being involved in local politics and developing my Wild Soul Freedom club that I was very glad we had a long weekend in the UK.

You know that feeling when you come home after a busy day… Shoes off, bra off, lounging clothes on and ahhhhhhhh; a bit of collapsio at last. I so needed some of that and more than just one evening.

To be honest, I’d been struggling a bit. Words not coming as easily when writing. Things taking me longer than normal. Finding myself working later. You know how it goes.

Luckily I don’t have a family at home so no pressure there. On the other hand, having to do everything yourself at home is another kind of pressure and more stressful when you’re not up to par.

And I was also doing a Tarot ‘5 day challenge.’ So there was watching the training video and doing the homework on top of everything else. Glutton for punishment or what?

But that challenge was critical to my remembering!

On day three the trainer reminded me of the freakin’ fundamental importance of having a sacred place. Somewhere in your home that enables you to connect with the divine within and without. A place with that special kind of energy only sacredness brings.

The light bulb went on big time. How long had I forgotten how replenishing, supportive and energising a sacred place can be. Yeah… I know! Healer heal thyself etc. etc. etc.

So I created mine there and then. A beautiful red shiny bowl with crystals, an ammonite, a beautiful shell, a feather and a candle. As I lit the candle for the first time a huge sigh escaped from my body.

The tiredness and pressure lifted and I felt I’d come back home to myself, centred and calm.

I’ve kept my sacred space in eyesight ever since.

It’s no surprise to me that I’ve got back into flow… Words come easily, ideas come easily and I’ve produced several pieces of project work on time without stress or great effort.

All because of a sacred space? For sure…

I encourage you to experiment with one of your own. Could be a corner of your table, a place in your bedroom, a spot in the garden you can access at will. Somewhere you can see and be in at any time. Arrange things in it/on it that you love and feel are right for you. And, most important, include a candle to light up your sacred space… and you!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling.

PS… The word re-member means to re-connect with something known that you’ve forgotten. Please re-member that Wild Courageous Women is a group where you can do exactly that. You’ll find it here…