I don’t want to write a word unless it’s full of passion and swear words which are so good for expressing exasperation and similar emotional colours. In fact, I’m ready for a bust up of some kind.

And I know what it is!

It’s my ‘ooo be careful don’t do anything that’ll make you sorry you did it’ self-sabotage. The dynamic that doesn’t just rain on my parade it pisses down on it!

And it’s time we had a divorce…

I was born to be outrageous, to jiggle and shake, to wake myself up big time… and then you!

But I was taught to keep a low profile, my head below the parapet, born just three generations down from immigrants fleeing persecution. And our European relatives only recently before my birth had been made to wear yellow stars and mostly murdered in the holocaust.

Don’t draw attention to yourself, don’t make a noise and don’t go against the status quo.

What a mealy-mouthed existence we live when we follow those rules. And yet, for some, a mealy mouthed life is better than no life at all!

My heart bleeds for us all when we’re so magnificent and capable of so much more than we think we are.

So… three steps!

First, embrace the part of you that’s tried so hard to keep you safe, if not limited, all these years. Go on… give it a big hug. It was the best way to go when you had few resources and needed to fit into the tribe into which you were born or adopted.

Second, let it know it’s 2021, not way back then, and it can have another job. Give it a medal for long service and let it know serial careers rock in the 21st century. If you’re not clear how it could serve you now, that’s OK. That’ll emerge as the two of you build relationship.

Third, find out what it needs for its healing and growth because evolution’s not meant to be stopped in its tracks by a ‘you can’t, you mustn’t, you shouldn’t otherwise the world will come to an end and you will die!’ kind of thing.

Yes, the self-sabotage can be as extreme as that… It was imperative that my great-greats did go under the radar in order to keep their lives. But it’s totally redundant now.

Conquering your self-sabotage and smashing your glass ceiling with high energy manifestation of what you desire is just the stuff of my Wild Soul Freedom Club. Read about it here.

As for me, just tracing and understanding my exasperation has me more present and vibrant with myself. No way am I going to let some ancestral shit do me over.

How about you?

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer Self-Sabotage and Smash Your Own Glass Ceiling!

PS… You were made for the Wild Soul Freedom Club by virtue of you being born and being born ‘woman!’ Don’t believe me? Your choice. But, hey, you don’t know what you’re missing now…