I’m done with authenticity! 😡

I’ve had it with people using it as a buzzword who tell you what it is and then say that they are it so you can trust them. Alternatively, people who do mock humble and say it’s impossible to achieve so they’re not but almost are! All in the name of marketing themselves and what they offer…


Some are of the ‘hail fellow, well met’ variety, sometimes with an incessant forced smile. Some are of the dramatic variety who pose and pout and some of whom litter you with selfies…. And some who might even be selling their souls. Now there’s a thought!

I know bravado when I hear it, see it, feel it. I used to do that shit too.

I understand… When that pesky sub or unconscious self-sabotage tells you you’re not good enough in a variety of ways, including you’re not as good, clever and/or accomplished as that Missy over there. Or you’re feeling stuck and powerless, disabled by stuff hell bent on holding you back as you mustn’t shine… Someone else in your birth family was probably the only one systemically assigned to be the glittering one.

That’s all baloney too!

What do they say about you can’t kid a kidder? Same thing here.

My father was the king of bullshiters. He was an excellent raconteur so bullshited with charm and panache and was totally convincing. I guess I learned some of how I bullshited from him… Thanks Dad!

But you know what? A bullshitter always gets found out in the end.

I was thirteen when the girls in my class said they would all vote for me as form captain. But of course!

In the event, not one did. At the time I was shocked and carried on as if all was normal out of bravado; the only thing I knew how to do.

Yet at some level I knew there had to be something about me that made the other girls want to take me down a peg, shame and humiliate me.

Thanks to the divine, that was the first step on my long, long journey down the quit-bullshit road. BTW this includes the bullshit we all hide our selves behind. If you recognise yourself in that, be freakin’ joyful. The first step in reclaiming your authentic self is through being aware of what’s getting in its way.

Then you stand a chance of becoming ‘genuine’ which is the essence of authenticity. That’s it. No curlicues and fandangos. Just genuineness.

You know when you hear it, see it and sense it too. It’s a whole other energy with a vibe of simplicity, vulnerability and presence.

I’m not fancy-shmancy with the ‘buy-it-all-now-before-it-goes’ hype although I’ve certainly used it in the past. All I’ll say is, if you’re as passionate as I am about you conquering your self-sabotage and freeing yourself from the tyranny of bullshit explore my website.

And to work on it in an online group setting with the magic and power of a women’s gathering explore here… https://www.thewildelder.com/wild-soul-freedom-club…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer Self-Sabotage and Smash Your Own Glass Ceiling!

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