You know how it is when things won’t go smoothly whatever you do. It feels as if you’re one step out of sync with yourself. Like an old fashioned movie reel sticking a nano-second on each frame.

You might even feel a little or shedloads of chaos or overwhelm. Plus a touch or a deluge of ‘I can’t do this’… If only you knew what ‘this’ was.

A variation on this theme is feeling as though you’re psycho-emotionally constipated… You feel like you wanna go but nothing’s moving. Push and strain as you might but there’s absolutely nothing happening.

Thank you thank you thank you Universe… You’re getting holy labour pangs of the birthing kind!

There’s a moment of OH SHIT when you feel as if you can’t do it and want to kill your partner which is a very good sign. Something’s going on with your hormones that lets the midwife know it won’t be long now. Although you can never tell how long it-won’t-be-long-now actually is!

Can you see how discombobulating all this stuff is?

That’s where I am right now and have been for weeks. At first I thought I was slipping into depression… Holy Labour can certainly present that way. Then I realised what was happening…

And, as unbearably uncomfortable as it is, giving birth to an updated version of me… or you… won’t be hurried. You have to be in there for the long haul.

You have to surrender and recognise you have no control… Pheweee… Not an easy one even with faith in the Divine.

What’s happening is that the aspect of you being updated-refined-evolved just isn’t quite there yet. Or the circumstance for its emergence isn’t quite there yet. They say timing is everything!

I made a joke but actually I want to cry… Tears fill my eyes and over-spill. My Wild Soul so yearns for upgraded me but the bloody space-suit-personality is having a hard time delivering!

What to do?

The most skilful way of delivering is to do nothing but create the most conducive environment for it to happen. That will differ from time to time and from woman to woman.

I’ve had clients come to me thinking they’re going bonkers… or breaking down… or lacking confidence… or feeling a failure… with negative-self-talk, sometimes crippling…a myriad of issues.

And, ultimately, my work through therapy and alchemy is helping your personality to deliver your emergent and magnificent upgraded self.

The awesome thing is most people won’t even recognise you’re different… but you oh so are!

And so am I…

Now I’m gob-smacked!

Unconsciously, I’ve given myself the most conducive environment and enabled my upgrade to begin its realisation through writing this for you… I’m feeling beautifully vulnerable and raw so will keep it to myself for now but big warm womanly thanks for your part in it, woman! If ever you, or a woman you know, feels out of step with herself or needs support with life challenges, please give me the privilege of helping her through her difficulties… And enabling her, because of them, to give birth to more of her magnificent self.

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer Self-Sabotage and Smash Your Own Glass Ceiling!

PS… You can’t describe the taste of sugar. Have a go and you’ll find you really can’t describe the taste of sugar. The only way you can know it is by actually tasting it. You can’t do that with me right now but to get a sense of me here’s some women who have…