You know how it is when you look back to when you were younger… Yes, I know hindsight’s a perfect science and you can’t put old heads on young shoulders ya-di-ya-di-ya.

But… do you like me gasp at how lovely and talented you were but didn’t know it? Do you notice how little self-belief and confidence you had?

I’m delighted if you had it different. And, if you recognise yourself in my experience, high five, woman!

My lot a few generations back came from immigrants fleeing from persecution and their survival stuff was to keep a low profile, don’t get noticed and don’t make waves. Plus people who have low self-belief and confidence themselves aren’t the best to teach you how to develop the opposite and shine.

Anyhow, as far back as my early teens I can see how much I self-sabotaged; things I thought I couldn’t do, opportunities not taken up, settling for mediocre and seemingly ‘safe’ which wasn’t safe at all!

Then, in my late twenties, my Wild Soul wouldn’t leave me alone. It had me restless and knowing there had to be more to life than ‘this!’ And my journey to conquer my own self-sabotage began.

It took so freakin’ long to get to a more balanced place because the therapists I went to didn’t really get it. So I learned the ways to do it quicker myself.

And, hey, just when I thought I’d got it all sussed, I discovered a whole new layer of stuff getting in my way to being as magnificent as I could be.

If there’s somewhere to go when we physically die, I’m going to have a word with the management!

And I laugh…

It’s all part of this crazy journey we call life, isn’t it?

Plus it blessed me with even deeper learning of how to superbly get from self-sabotage to your own smash your own glass ceiling success!

The beautiful thing is that however deeply and profoundly you ended up thinking and believing you weren’t good enough, didn’t deserve good things or that nobody would want you or love you, there’s always a way back.

The very things you think, say and do to sabotage yourself are, paradoxically, the exact clues you need to help undo the crap, mend and develop creative and more realistic self-perception.

Then you can begin to allow yourself to shine.

It is never ever EVER too late to be more of the magnificent woman you were meant to be rather than the one you were conditioned to be!

I promise you…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

From self-sabotage to success through the power of your Wild Soul!

PS… I want to write a PS that will knock your socks off, make you sit up and desire so deeply to clear up some of your own self-sabotage. Why? Because it’s a tragedy if you don’t shine and enjoy your life as much as you freakin’ could.

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