By now, you’ll have heard whether all Covid-19 restrictions in England have been lifted or not. Of course, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the rest of the world are a whole other thing!

My guess is they won’t be lifted in England. Egg on face if I’m wrong… It wouldn’t be for the first time!

I heard from someone today who said how strange it is getting back to normal. But then what is normal?

THIS is normal whatever the ‘this’ is!

Hankering over some glory (only it wasn’t that glorious) we had before or hankering for some glory we hope for in the future is a freakin’ waste of time. While you’re busy reminiscing or future focused you’re not here NOW enjoying current glory.

What current glory?

Where I am it’s warm-warm-warm with glorious sun. My gorgeous wild garden is aflame with colourful flowers and plants. I’m in good health with a roof over my head, food in my mouth and clothes on my back. Life is pretty even-paced and far less pressurised than previously.

Right now I feel blessed and contented.

That glory. That’s what I’m talking about!

For the majority of us, we’re doing OK. So why disgruntle yourself by focusing on the lack of whatever went before or you hope is to come?

Even in tough situations there are gems in the ‘now.’

I was in danger of re-possession decades ago with all the worries that comes with especially when you’ve got kids. I stepped out of a gloomy doorway into dingy Old Street in east-central London just as a shaft of sunlight hit a glass bottle lying in the gutter.

I saw a rainbow of light explode off that bottle. Was I the only person alive to see the miracle? Was I the only person alive who felt uplifted and hopeful in that moment of grace?

Who knows!

What I do know is the more you stay with your senses and mind focused on what’s happening now, instead of in the past or the future, the easier you journey through whatever’s going on for you… And the more you enjoy those magical things of which you were previously unaware.


Want to know how to do that? Well, it’s something you’d learn through working with me. Apart, that is, from becoming more of the magnificent woman you were meant to be rather than the one you were squished and squashed into.

Whatever the outcome of Covid-19 restriction easing or not, enjoy!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Conquer Self-Sabotage and Smash Your Own Glass Ceiling!

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