This was me on Sunday…

I’m up, a bit dishevelled but teeth brushed, sipping coffee on this unbelievably quiet Sunday morning… Like there’s just me and an occasional passing car that sounds way out in the muffled distance.

The sky’s a continuous blanket of cloud expectant of rain. And the silence reminds me of the eeriness of the mists of Avalon. Still and protective of the island and priestesses… AND…

Inside me there’s a power-house. Imagine the rumble of a belly dancer’s hips, the roar of a lion because it can and the SHAZAM of Madame Whiplash…

My Wild Soul’s recently shown me the way to obliterate the last few drops of my fear of being visible. No more under-performing, feeling stuck, constipated and frustrated. The last vestiges of not feeling good enough…kapow!

So, right now, Wild Soul’s celebrating and I’m feeling literally on fire!

This is me this morning…

My Wild Soul’s still celebrating and I still feel on fire!

Yes, you can settle for living life at 60%. I did that for a looooong time so I know how it can seem the safe way to go, the most comfortable way to go even if, from time to time, you wonder, ‘Is this it?’

No… It’s not it!

There’s a whole world out there you can take part in and do things you love if you just stop being afraid and go for it. Wouldn’t you want to be doing things you love much more of your precious time?

Wouldn’t you want to feel your Wild Soul celebrate and be literally on fire for having cleared a whole chunk of holding-you-back-crap? Wouldn’t you want to feel vital, enthusiastic and fulfilled?

That’s why I do what I do because too many women struggle with self-sabotage distress that leaves them feeling not good enough, limited and unfulfilled.

I show you how to connect with your Wild Soul inner guidance system to smash your own glass ceiling so you can step into freedom as Mistress of your own life story and success!

How’s your Wild Soul doing?

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

From self-sabotage to success through the power of your Wild Soul!

PS… No messing… It’s not the right time means it’ll never be the right time… Email me now pop up email please to arrange a Clarity Call about clearing your own holding-you-back-crap!