I’m writing this Bank Holiday Sunday overlooking forest land while enjoying an oatmeal cappuccino… Glad to not hear the news or be confronted by the anguish of what the media reports is going on in the world.

If you don’t know whether you’re an empath or not and feel like shit for no particular reason then you are, indeed, probably an empath!

You’re tuning into worldwide Covid-19 anxiety and/or the pain of food poverty, famine and being oppressed or dreading uncertain future and/or the terror of those who believe they’ll be murdered for their allegiances, gender, religious beliefs, colour of their skin… etc. etc. etc.

OK OK! I’ve stopped.

How freakin’ blessed you and I are to live in relatively stable democracies whatever their many faults.

Many moons ago, I discovered a wounded drummer boy as part of my personality. He was small, unkempt and in rags but led a variety of the world’s torturous ills to the beat of his drum.

Through working with this part, I realised not only was I carrying my training group’s denied pain… I was always crying in sessions… but I was also carrying the freakin’ collective’s pain too. As if my own wasn’t enough!

So you see, being an empath is both a curse and a blessing.

The curse is being overtaken by others’ feelings and mistaking them for your own! You get swamped and disabled until burn-out or break-down, even mini ones, get scattered through your life like peppercorns.

The blessing of being an empath is the sensitivity to other people’s feelings/circumstances. Perfect if you’re a therapy, coaching or training professional. Not so great if you’re the ‘one’ in a family, friendship circle or organisational setting that people bring their troubles to… See ‘the curse’ above!

Being a swamped empath is its own peculiar self-sabotage. Whether you’re conscious or not conscious of it, empath overload cripples and keeps you small while you say yes to anyone who seeks your ‘empathy’ and unknowingly collaborate in a feeling dump.

No wonder they ‘feel’ better after speaking with you!


You seeing your ‘empathy’ self-sabotage curse is the first step. Then, through connection with your Wild Soul and its fail proof inner guidance system, you can learn to create boundaries and discern how much of what you feel belongs to you and how much belongs to others. Then you can ‘return to sender’ pronto what’s not yours. Shazam!

That’s exactly what I teach my clients to do when being an empath burdens them or brings them to their knees.

And you know what, I’ve just realised I’m doing a healer-heal-thyself-job as well as writing this for you. Because I’ve been feeling particularly gruesome this past week or so. I even recognised signs of a descending depression with feelings of what’s-the-point and hopelessness.

No wonder!

With the stark media coverage on Afghanistan and the horrendous Kabul airport scenes and terrorist attack, I’ve felt particularly awful… Even recognised early signs of a descending depression. How much more must the Afghan people be feeling, both those who left and those who were left behind?

Time for me to deal with the ‘curse’s’ self-sabotage in myself because, of course, I can only deal with what’s happening with me.

No way will I ‘return to sender’ the feelings of these tortured people. They have more than enough to contend with. So, in this case, I’ll offer up the feelings which aren’t mine to the divine feminine for her to process as only she can.

Phew… Sweet relief!

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

So you can become wild and big and free!

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