I don’t normally comment on the state of the world because, well, what is there to say?

That humanity’s gone crazy? That we’re destroying our world? Feel a little anxious there? Yup… it’s concerning. Plague, fire and floods, we’ve got them all!


It’s said that with a minimum of 36 virtuous men in the world (yeah I know… for ‘men’ read ‘people’) it won’t come to an end. The two Hebrew letters for 36 are the lamed, which is 30, and the vav, which is 6. Therefore, these 36 are referred to as the Lamed-Vav Tzadikim (righteous ones).

Why 36? It’s to do with a form of Jewish numerology… 18 x 2 = 36 and 18 stands for life. So 36 means ‘two lives’ or ‘another chance.’

These people are said to be humble, not know they are special and only come to the fore when needed to intercede with the divine on behalf of humanity.

Now I’m pretty sure we have in excess of 36 across the world so, whatever’s going on, my money’s on them!


Nope… Just a bit mystical.

I’m aware we’re being challenged to grow beyond the smallness in which many of us live; beyond materialism, capitalism, factionalism and any freakin’ ‘ism’ you can think of. To become more like the 36.

And I believe it’s we women who’ll lead this growth… In fact, I believe we women are already leading this growth!

Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll be asked to be a Joan of Arc or a Jacinda Ardern, bless her.

For most of us, I believe, you’re being asked to re-evaluate who you are, what you stand for and be an advocate for the highest good in your own circle of influence.

How you’ll do that will be whatever your thing is… Climate change activist (if only in your own home!), an educator (you can spread the word whatever subject you teach even cooking with your own kids!) and mostly as an exemplar. Living your life being the most humane human you can be at any one time.

It feels a lot doesn’t it because you’re being asked to grow? Yup, that’s the one! To step into your own magnificence and to step up to join the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of we women already doing this world changing work.

And you know what? You can…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Smash your own glass ceiling so you can be wild and big and free!

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