What would you do or be if you knew exactly how magnificent you are?

Did a shudder of ‘who me!’ run through you as you read my question. Or did you skim it with a nonchalant, ‘I’m not letting these words have any impact on me whatsoever!’

What I know is, far more than fear your dark parts be revealed… And, yes, I’ve wanted to commit murder and grievous bodily harm a time or two… Far more than fear your dark parts be revealed, you fear beyond fear your magnificent parts being revealed.

Why would you fear somebody seeing how freakin’ gorgeous, talented and able you are?

Yikes…. No! I’ve been there before…

I’ve shone and got trampled on one way or another. Or I wasn’t allowed to shine in the first place. Or, I couldn’t shine because someone else in my family was the only one allowed to shine. Or I was only allowed to shine for a short while and then I was shut back in my box.

I was going to write about what happened to me but I was given such mixed messages about shining/not shining that you and I would disappear down a rabbit hole!

In the end, I learned that shining was so freakin’ painful, heart-breaking, humiliating, disappointing and shameful no way did I ever ever EVER want to show my magnificence again!

So for much of my life I self-sabotaged to keep me dim and small. I did that through thinking I was a pile of poo, trying to compensate for my poo-ness with perfectionism, over-compensating for it by doing 100% more than was needed, feeling I didn’t fit, was a fraud that would, without doubt, be found out. I tried too hard and at other times avoided anything that might expose me by not trying at all.

Any of that familiar?

Darling, darling woman … STOP!

Right now, this moment, take three huge breaths to the bottom of your soul and beyond. And know…

You weren’t born this way. You arrived a bundle of potential ready to be nurtured so you could blossom and flourish as uniquely you. And all of your potential… YES… ALL of your potential is absolutely still there, I promise you. It’s just temporarily covered up by the pile of doo-doo with which you beat yourself up.

That’s why doo-doo is such a great and creative clue to find your potential and how you can shine as you were intended to!

So take a break. Take another three huge soul breaths in and out.

And, in the seconds that follow, know that you are held, loved and cared for beyond anything you’ve ever known.

Know that, until the moment you physically die and probably beyond, the divine always works for your highest and most glorious good and sends you circumstances, people and events through which to find it.

Yup…Even the shit times…

If there’s somewhere to go when I physically die, I’m most definitely going to have a word with the Management!

However paradoxical it seems, I show women like you how to conquer their doo-doo, reclaim their magnificence and shine as safely and as brightly as they desire.

Now who was it said. ‘YES YOU CAN?’

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Become the Mistress of your life story and success!

PS… And that’s why I do what I do because too many women struggle with self-sabotage distress that leaves them feeling not good enough, limited and unfulfilled. Learn how to connect with your Wild Soul inner guidance system to smash your conditioned glass ceiling so you can step into freedom as Mistress of your own life story and success!

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