I’m thinking of you as I type this. I’m thinking of how you’ve done the best that you can at any one time. Yes, we all screw up occasionally. That seems to be the human journey AND, overall, you’re doing a brilliant job.

You didn’t land here on earth with a manual!

In fact, there’s an old story that says you knew everything you needed to know before birth about being the most magnificent, talented and able human you are… And how to navigate life here on earth. But, as soon as you arrived, an angel kissed you on the cheek and you forgot absolutely everything.

W T F … Why make it deliberately difficult?

Indeed, when I physically die, if there’s somewhere to go to, I’m going to have a word with the management…. Life is a great opportunity for our personal and spiritual evolution but, hey, give us a break!

So, to make the most of life…

If good things are happening, celebrate celebrate celebrate. How often do we forget to do that?

If things are a bit blah and beige, listen out for your inner wisdom. It will tell you what you need and what to do to bring glorious colour back into your life.

And if things are tough, know that you are being held and loved dearly. I know it doesn’t feel that way but your Wild Soul and the divine are working hand in hand to carry you through.

You might not have the manual but they most definitely have your back!

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Be big and wild and free!

PS… If you’d like a womanly place where you can celebrate, be inspired and motivated AND lovingly held and supported when you need it, come join me here.