Sometimes we have good reasons to feel down or sad or upset. So I need to say loud and clear that, if that’s you, please honour your feelings. I am not into happy-clappy-love-and-light denial.

Sit with your feelings and let your Wild Soul’s inner wisdom counsel and guide you with what’s going on to give rise to them… and what needs to happen next.

However, if you recognise your mood as a plain old funk or emotional flashback, here’s three tips to turn it around.

#1… Moving your body is the quickest way to elevate your mood and spirits. And the fastest way to do that is to dance. Not any old dancing but upbeat music that has you jiggling and diggling deliciously!

#2… Trying to push away unwanted thoughts and feelings just makes them fight back harder to remain. Instead, acknowledge them. Say, ‘Thanks SO much for telling me that AND right now I’ve got my feet up reading a book’… or ‘cooking dinner’ or … what-ever you’re doing in the moment. Aaaaaaah… just feel the release!

#3… Reading inspirational quotations is another sure fire way to lift your spirits. Google ‘inspirational quotations.’ Copy and paste those that do it for you and have your A4 sheets on hand for whenever you need them.

Combine all three and you have a dynamite combo to reverse the funk or interrupt the flashback!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there, occasionally still go there and I know there’s no mileage in staying there.

For years I didn’t realise I was suffering from PTSD and way back then was often feeling yuck stuff. That doesn’t mean you’re diagnosable if you do too! Seems to me it’s part of the human condition to have what I call ‘old stuff’ crop up now and again.

My first instinct is always to check with my inner wisdom whether I need to work with it or not. And if the answer is not, well, guess who can do the boogie the whole night through?

Enjoy doing the boogie too…

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Be big and wild and free!

PS… And, of course, you can always ask for advice and support from a warm gaggle of wild courageous women here…