I’ve recently had a mini-burnout through taking on toooooo much. Had to stop before I crashed big time… Thankfully, I’m aware of my limits these days.

And well done me because, in allowing myself space and time to do nothing, in the middle of it came an epiphany. I’ve been playing too small!

So I’m dumping the inner critic focus in my work and going for expansion big time. I’ve been called to do that for ages but, hey, if you won’t listen to the Universe, net result is one freakin’ whack around the head.

Aka mini-burnout!

Way back I wish I had known that I had a Wild Soul that holds the original design of who I was meant to be, with its own inner guidance system… the very best advisor you could ever have!

Yeah yeah… I know the mini burn-out means I wasn’t listening to it well enough. But, hey, my human personality thought it knew better and led me down a few cul-de-sacs. Until?

Until the whack around the head woke me up again.

Lessons learned!

Because, you see, how you express who you were meant to be changes and matures as you change and mature. At 20 you might be a Can-Can dancer but at 45 you’re more likely to be a choreographer and at 73 a respected doyenne given to consultations and doing good works.

As you evolve so does your Wild Soul and your expression of it. And vice versa…. That’s what I adore about this adventure called life. You and it can always be renewed!

Anyway, while I have a delicious and divine understanding of my work moving forward, I haven’t yet got the words to describe it. So watch this space AND know that, you, like me, have a mission on earth; something special that can only be offered by you in your own unique way from your own magnificence!

Know that you are so much more than your body, feelings and mind. And that there is so much more to life than you’ve known up to now. Put the two together, and you’ve got dynamite!

More soon…

Until then,

Love and warm wild wishes…

Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder

Be big and wild and free!

PS… I know you’ll have had at least one ‘whack around the head’ moment when you woke up through having a big realisation. I would love to hear yours and am offering you a special you’ll-love-it-when-I-get-back-to-you gift in warmth thanks…. Just click here and tell me now!