An under-achieving bright girl, grammar school dropout, single parent by eighteen, once married, two superb children, five delicious grandchildren, a mature returnee to education plus training as a psychotherapist for seven years and a Master’s degree at fifty-one, also trained in coaching, training and alchemy from my thirties, divorced, sometimes attacked for my alternative views and have worked with thousands of women in the nearly forty years of my amazing professional life.

So how did I get to be the Wild Elder®?  

Years ago I specialised in guiding people to recover from depression in six sessions. The medical profession would say impossible. But that’s what I did and still do when a client with depression finds their way to me.

Anyhow, I sensed there was more for me to be and do but I didn’t know what. 

Then my Mum became terminally ill and my ‘more to be and do’ intuition was swept away by supporting her and maintaining my life the best I could. Doing that mainly on my own, I became just a little crazy toward the end.

In her last few days I overheard a remark she made to no-one in particular. I couldn’t cope with the enormity of it, the shock of it and the pain of it.

She said simply… ‘What a waste of a life!’

Months of personal and professional turmoil followed her passing. As well as grieving, the sense of ‘more to be and do’ returned. And I began to download bits of information and clues about my future.

Over time I pieced them together and, in a lightbulb moment, realised my truth. 

My ‘more to be and do’ and my Mum’s legacy was to work with women who didn’t want to die with a wasted life as she had done. To work with women who desire their truth, purpose and meaning, and to learn how to live it.


If that wasn’t enough, I turned seventy and another bout of ‘there’s more to be and do’ was back big time.

All was revealed when I downloaded my next evolutionary incarnation. I was full of awe. Sure my age had something to do with it and what I received was way beyond anything I could have imagined.

The words came, ‘The Wild Elder®.’ 

I asked for guidance and, in a culture so bereft of the benefits age can offer, I was being called to bring the wisdom of eldership back to and for the modern woman. Not any eldership but WILD eldership.

While I have a great mind, WILD eldership goes way beyond analytical and logical mind.

While, I work with my nearly forty years’ worth of psychotherapeutic, coaching and training expertise, my Wildness taps into my essential nature, my very soul.

It taps into skills, abilities and wisdom from what I call beyond–beyond. 

The Wild Elder, me, a woman of and with connection to the earth, the universe and the divine. A woman who knows the journeys that lead you to healing, wholeness and your truth… your own Wild Soul.

It seems as if my whole life so far has been a preparation for this beautiful and sacred work. 

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